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Harness my expertise in Course Experience Design to diagnose and treat your courses for optimal health. Together, we'll revolutionize your offerings through comprehensive wellness exams and personalized treatment plans, empowering your learners to achieve exceptional results.

  • Why I Use ConvertKit

    Why I Use ConvertKit

    Why I Use It In my quest to find the perfect tool for email marketing and course prototyping, ConvertKit stood out as the unparalleled choice. It’s not just an email marketing platform; it’s an integral part of my strategy for crafting and delivering top-notch online courses. Why ConvertKit? Its ease of use is unmatched, making…

  • Hashtags: Journey from Pound Signs to Social Media Essentials

    Hashtags: Journey from Pound Signs to Social Media Essentials

    Master strategic hashtagging to boost niche authority. This guide explores best practices from broad discovery to ultra-targeted community engagement using personalized keywords and phrases. Learn techniques for measurable visibility gains through intentional cross-platform integration. Optimize content for connection.

  • Glorify: Elevating Talent to New Heights in 2024

    Glorify: Elevating Talent to New Heights in 2024

    Dive into how ‘glorify’ can magnify and aggrandize the potential in others, leading to unparalleled success and empowerment in the world of online courses and program development.

  • #DesignForward Day 15 – Elevate Your Course Success

    #DesignForward Day 15 – Elevate Your Course Success

    Facing participant overwhelm in your online course? I’m here to help streamline your course experience, turning confusion into clarity and boosting engagement. Let’s transform your course into a journey of success together.

  • #DesignForward Day 14 – Embracing Leadership in Instructional Design

    #DesignForward Day 14 – Embracing Leadership in Instructional Design

    In this latest blog post, we explore the metaphorical journey of leadership, illustrated through an aerial view of a winding path in a sun-dappled forest. Each twist and turn of the trail symbolizes the challenges and insights gained over a decade of growth in leadership. The shaded areas represent obstacles faced, while the sunlit patches…

  • The Miracle of Moringa

    The Miracle of Moringa

    Discover how Moringa Oleifera, the nutrient-rich ‘miracle tree,’ revolutionizes wellbeing for professionals. Its myriad benefits – from boosting immunity to supporting heart health – make it a daily staple for a holistic lifestyle. As a Chief Learning Officer, I share insights on integrating this superfood into your routine for enhanced focus and creativity.

This is how it all started…

Back in 2001, my journey began with a proposal for a simple web-enhanced program. This project wasn’t just a professional assignment; it was the catalyst for embracing my Inner Geek Lizzy and my profound interest in digital solutions focused on human-centered learning and development. I was captivated by the potential to transform user experiences through thoughtful design and strategic implementation.

Over the years, my dedication to quality and an unwavering focus on the product and course experience led me naturally into roles where I could make significant impacts. It was through this persistent commitment that I gradually stepped into the position of a fractional Chief Learning Officer and became known as “The Course Doctor.” This title wasn’t just given; it was earned through relentless pursuit of excellence in digital product development.

My work spans various industries, including collaborations with tech startups, professional associations, corporate settings, and prestigious institutions like MIT, RIT, and Southern New Hampshire University. These experiences have enriched my approach, allowing me to blend complex learning theories with practical, human-centered design strategies to create effective and engaging learning experiences.

The essence of my work involves applying journey mapping, learning design, and insights from brain science to ensure that digital products deliver tangible results without causing user overwhelm, frustration, or confusion. This focus on creating structured yet adaptable learning environments has been a cornerstone of my career, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of clients and customers alike.

The evolution into “The Course Doctor” was a natural extension of my passion for enhancing digital learning environments. By concentrating on the human aspects of learning and meticulously architecting digital product suites, I help our clients and customers develop offerings that are informative and transformative. This commitment has fueled my passion for developing digital products that significantly improve customer lives.

Dr. Sarah J Huibregtse

The Course Doctor