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Architecting Your Course Journey: Navigating the Labyrinth Together!

Are you a niche expert struggling with course creation, unsure how to structure your knowledge or revamp lackluster programs? My mission as your Fractional Chief Learning Architect is to guide you through the art, science, and strategy of building online courses that not only educate but transform.

I specialize in breathing life into new course ideas and rejuvenating existing ones—always through a lens of user experience, pedagogical best practices, and technological precision. Let’s turn your course from a rough sketch into a masterfully constructed learning experience, designed to achieve optimal learner outcomes and drive revenue.

Meet Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Your Fractional Chief Learning Architect

As a Fractional Chief Learning Architect, my journey began with a strong foundation in education, where I honed in on the best teaching practices and instructional strategies. Alongside this pedagogical grounding, my background in computer science added a layer of technological savvy, allowing me to understand the platforms and systems integral to the digital delivery of educational content. Above all, my focus on user experience ensures that each educational journey is not only technically sound but also deeply engaging and meaningful for learners. It was the merging of these key areas through my extensive career in instructional design and technology that catalyzed my unique skill set. This blend enables me to unite the pedagogical with the technical and the experiential, all tailored for online learning environments.

My role is to act as your collaborative architect, mastering both the art and science of designing and constructing thriving online courses and programs. Holding a doctorate specialized in online learning, I offer a rich blueprint of knowledge that equips course creators with tailored frameworks and hands-on scaffolding. The objective is to help your courses not only stand but also maximize impact and income.

Whether you’re laying the foundation for your first online course or seeking to renovate an existing structure, I initiate with a thorough structural audit to pinpoint opportunities and weak points. From there, I craft personalized revitalization plans, offering you a detailed architectural guide to implement targeted optimizations. My ultimate goal is to illuminate your path forward with compassionate yet strategic expertise.

After decades spent building courses within organizational walls, I’ve decided to step fully into the light. I’m shifting the focus onto your vision, guiding creators who are ready to elevate their offerings to new heights.

When I’m not drafting the next great learning experience, you’ll find me exploring trails—either hiking or running—curled up with a good book alongside my two four-legged companions, or sampling new culinary delights. Wherever you are in your course creation journey, I’m excited to connect. Let’s blueprint your course’s full potential together!

Elevate Your Courses with a Strategic fCLA Partner

In today’s dynamic business landscape, learning programs are pivotal for engaging and supporting clients.

As your fCLA, I’m committed to helping your organization thrive amid ongoing changes.

My guidance helps instill a growth mindset across your organization.

Together we’ll personalize, digitize, and atomize learning to build critical capabilities.

I empower your team to think digitally, foster curiosity, and tap learning’s full potential.

key benefits Delivered:

What Others Say

This is potentially the most coherent, well-detailed, and polished course blueprint I have seen since joining the team as an Assistant Dean. It was very difficult for me to find anything that would be worth suggesting as improvements. Thank you so much for your dedicated work on this course and your dedication to producing a high-quality learning environment for our graduate students. This is going to be a tremendous asset as students prepare for their capstones.
Jaymes M.
Direct & Associate Dean
When I took on a new position to teach Art in a solely online learning environment... She had invaluable ideas and a vast knowledge of computer smarts that she incorporated into my courses all the while keeping it true to my vision. She even built rubrics to help make grading easy!

Sarah built my dream art courses on Canvas that has continued to encompass longevity with professional presentation from year to year. I couldn't have done it without Sarah.
Hannah M.
Art Teacher
Flattery is always appreciated but thank you too. I enjoy working with you and I also appreciate your direct communication and straightforward manner. I like to know where the hard and soft boundaries are, and which battles are worth fighting and those that are not. I also am grateful for the flexibility and focus on the end product rather than an over-emphasis on process or order of operations.
Bob I.
History SME & Professor

Why hire me as Your Fractional Chief Learning Architect?

Get ready to diagnose issues, treat pain points, automate inefficient processes, and breathe new life into your course(s) or  programs. 

Finally gain the clarity and confidence to share your knowledge and monetize your message through thriving online courses you create with ease.


Where do you see opportunities to amplify your learning programs' impact?

Unlock Your Businesses Course Potential
with a Strategic fCLA Partner

Bring an executive perspective to amplify impact and catalyze growth. Whether first courses or established curricula, I diagnose pain points and architect solutions to optimize through innovation. My human-centered approach implements targeted prescriptions to automate ineffective processes so you can focus on connections. I transform disjointed programs into seamless, scalable learning journeys to spread your mission efficiently. As your fCLA, I remove barriers and provide strategies to reach new heights. I instill a growth mindset by personalizing on-demand learning. Let’s unlock the full potential of your learning programs together.

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