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MEDIA & Course Creation for Digital Product Suites

Did you know that the origin of MEDIA in instructional design and technology dates back to several decades ago?

During my dissertation research on instructional messages, I discovered a fascinating transition in instructional design research towards the use of media in the late 70s and 80s, with some evidence even predating the current ideas of what media and technology are.

Within course creation and instructional design fields, the term “MEDIA” has been widely used to refer to various tools, technologies, and resources utilized to enhance learning experiences. From traditional print materials to audio recordings, videos, interactive simulations, and virtual reality applications – MEDIA has truly revolutionized how we learn.

As technology advanced over time ⏭️ , so did our ability to create engaging content through different forms of media. This evolution has greatly impacted learning outcomes by providing learners with more dynamic and interactive educational experiences.

Nowadays, educators have access to an extensive array of digital platforms and multimedia tools that allow them to craft visually appealing courses tailored specifically for online environments. Through well-designed graphics, captivating videos, immersive virtual environments, or even simple yet effective animations ✨ – instructors can engage students like never before.

The influence of the Social MEDIA Ecosystem on course creation cannot be ignored.

The possibilities are endless when leveraging the power of media in course creation. Let’s connect to explore how we can utilize the latest multimedia tools and technologies to create cutting-edge learning experiences!

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