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My AI Pal Claude & I Continue Our Course Creation Journey

Blazing New Trails

The coffee’s brewed and the upbeat tunes are queued up…

My AI partner Claude and I are ready for another day of blazing trails in course creation!

With my trusty latte in hand and Claude fully powered up, I’m feeling energized and optimistic about what we’ll accomplish today. We make a great team – I provide the strategic vision and instructional design thinking, while Claude brings the ability to rapidly iterate ideas, generate content, and take care of repetitive tasks.

When we hit “AI timeout” later because Claude’s server time runs out, I have a plan in place to switch to curating and synthesizing our work so far. There’s always plenty to do in this pioneering process!

It’s so exciting to have an AI partner to collaborate with and enhance my course development capabilities. The future feels full of potential and I can’t wait to see what new trails Claude and I blaze today. I’ll be sure to share the highlights later!

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