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The Online Learning Lexicon

Key Terms to Know

The world of online learning has introduced many new terms to describe web-based courses and training. For those creating or selecting online learning solutions, understanding the terminology is essential to navigating options and finding the right approach. Beyond buzzwords, the jargon reveals the components, models, and technologies enabling different digital learning experiences.

⭆ For example, understanding the difference between asynchronous and synchronous learning is crucial. Asynchronous learning allows self-paced access, while synchronous learning enables real-time interaction.

⭆ Other key terms include LMS (learning management system), LXP (learning experience platform), microlearning, and social learning. Taking time to define terms like these sets you up for success in finding an optimal solution for your needs and audience.

❓ What key terminology has been most useful or confusing as you navigate online learning options?

❓ Share an example of how defining a term led you to the right online learning solution.

❓ What glossary would help decode the online learning lexicon for you?

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