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The Power of Shared Experience Over Opinion

The Secret Sauce of Valuable Advice

This weekend, I dived into Laura Meyer‘s game-changing book “Win Win,” and it’s left me pondering the essence of valuable advice. Have you ever wondered why some advice sticks like glue, while others slip right through?

The golden nugget from Laura’s book was a revelation: when offering guidance, it’s infinitely more impactful to share experiences rather than simply doling out opinions. As she said, “I simply shared my experience, telling her not what she should do but my thinking when I was in her shoes and the outcomes of my decisions.”

So, why is this so transformative?

Story vs. Instructions

In my journey from academia and industry to entrepreneurship, I’ve asked tons of questions. Not all advice was created equal. The difference? Contextualization. When someone walks me through their decision-making process, it’s like giving me a roadmap, not just a destination. I can see the twists, turns, and bumps they navigated, giving me a clearer vision for my own journey.

In my own practice, whether it’s course development or client consultations, I’ve found that sharing specific examples from past experiences helps to ignite creative thinking. It offers a tangible framework that can be customized, giving my clients the confidence to navigate their own challenges.

Building Blocks: As Laura Meyer puts it, “Although everyone has opinions, experienced experts are pros at sharing their journey with others in ways that build trust, credibility, and community.”

Let’s Reflect

Think back to the last time someone reached out to you for guidance.

Did you share a generalized opinion, or did you offer a snippet of your journey, complete with its ups and downs?

Here’s a challenge

The next time someone asks for your advice, pause and reflect.

Rather than dishing out an opinion, try sharing an experience. Let’s turn advice-giving into an art form that builds trust and fosters growth!

Leave a comment below with a time an experience-based piece of advice made a difference in your life. Let’s share, learn, and grow together!

There you have it! Experience is the most valuable currency we have. Let’s spend it wisely.

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