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As a seasoned Online Learning Designer 👩‍🏫, I’ve been fortunate to learn from many talented mentors and colleagues over the years. Now I want to pay it forward by sharing the best practices I’ve discovered for designing transformative online experiences. 🚀

#DesignForward 📝 will be your guide to:

✅ Elevating your coaching approach through purposeful course design tailored to your clients’ aspirations

✅ Understanding their unique goals and challenges 🎯

✅ Determining how they best acquire new skills 📈

✅ Incorporating accountability structures that drive results ✅

This newsletter goes beyond generalized advice to offer actionable tips on:

📝 Assessing clients’ needs

📝 Structuring interactive lessons

📝 Designing compelling content

📝 Analyzing data to continually improve

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revitalize an existing program, join me as we reimagine online course and coaching. 🆕

Let’s make an impact by empowering every client to succeed through thoughtful design that unlocks their potential. �KEYS

First issue lands December 1st – sign up below! 👇

Hashtags: The Journey from Pound Signs to Social Media Essentials

January 12, 2024

Master strategic hashtagging to boost niche authority. This guide explores best practices from broad discovery to ultra-targeted community engagement using personalized keywords and phrases. Learn techniques for measurable visibility gains through intentional cross-platform integration. Optimize content for connection.

Glorify: Elevating Talent to New Heights in 2024

January 2, 2024

Dive into how 'glorify' can magnify and aggrandize the potential in others, leading to unparalleled success and empowerment in the world of online courses and program development.

Day 15: #DesignForward – Elevate Your Course Success: Mastering the Art of Participant Onboarding and Engagement

December 14, 2023

Facing participant overwhelm in your online course? I'm here to help streamline your course experience, turning confusion into clarity and boosting engagement. Let's transform your course into a journey of success together.

Day 14: #DesignForward – Embracing Leadership in Instructional Design

December 14, 2023

In this latest blog post, we explore the metaphorical journey of leadership, illustrated through an aerial view of a winding path in a sun-dappled forest. Each twist and turn of the trail symbolizes the challenges and insights gained over a decade of growth in leadership. The shaded areas represent obstacles faced, while the sunlit patches signify enlightenment. In the distance, a clearing bathed in light reflects our vision for innovation. Join us as we reflect on this journey, embracing change with authenticity and compassion, always striving to elevate our impact in the realm of online education and instructional design.

Day 13: Run Experience to Course Experience

December 13, 2023

Explore the parallels between my Holland Fest run in Cedar Grove and evolving course experience design. This post delves into redefining success metrics in health tracking and online courses, highlighting the shift from traditional measures to holistic approaches.

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