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Harness my expertise in Course Experience Design to diagnose and treat your courses for optimal health. Together, we'll revolutionize your offerings through comprehensive wellness exams and personalized treatment plans, empowering your learners to achieve exceptional results.

The Course Doctor’s ‘5i Impact Cycle’ Strategy

At the core of my approach lies Immersion, the first phase in the 5i Impact Cycle, where I become an integral part of your team.

This foundational phase is about deeply understanding your needs and environment, ensuring that our collaboration is aligned with your goals.

By truly becoming a part of your team, we lay the groundwork for transformative solutions and innovative strategies that drive excellence in your projects and operations.

Phase 1. Immerse

Let’s initiate a conversation about the foundational step in the operational framework for cultivating mastery in every course, whether you’re creating a new one or elevating your existing course experience.

This pivotal starting point involves my immersion into your team and course, where I employ personalized learning and experience design strategies. This Phase is the cornerstone of my comprehensive 5i Impact Cycle framework, guiding every aspect of our journey to ensure your optimal client success.

The following six steps serve as my guiding light as I immerse into your team and culture.

Step 1: Decoding Your Courses Narrative

Let’s delve deep into the origins of your course – unraveling where it all commenced, your grand mission, and the visionary future.

This step is like immersing ourselves in the opening chapters of a compelling novel, establishing the foundation for the entire narrative.

Step 2: Navigating Your Values Like Sailing the Seas

Core values aren’t mere words on a website; they are the guiding winds steering your journey.

Beyond rhetoric, they shape how your participants and team navigate your course, communicate, and make decisions. Let’s unfurl the sails that propel your course forward.

Step 3: Revealing Unspoken Codes

Every course has its unique quirks, the unspoken norms acting as the secret handshake.

Recognizing these nuances allows us to navigate seamlessly, understand your shipmates (internal and external), and discern what’s considered smooth sailing.

Step 4: Harmonizing with Your Course Rhythm

Like mastering the navigation of a sophisticated sailboat, understanding your course rhythm is crucial.

This step delves into the intricacies of your day-to-day course life – from the tools your participants and team use to your analytic reporting systems. Let’s set sail in tandem with the heartbeat of your course’s journey.

Step 5: Faces, Not Just Roles, of the Crew

Time to put faces to names!

Beyond the roles, this step involves getting acquainted with the crew around here along with course participants both current and past.

From the influential captains to the unsung heroes, comprehending the people behind the roles is more than just being cordial; it’s about forging relationships that amplify both our enjoyment and productivity on this sea of course design.

Step 6: Plotting Your Courses Next Journey

Beyond the daily tides, there’s a grand narrative at play.

This step is about unfurling the broader organizational goals, akin to plotting the journey of a sea voyage.

When we collectively comprehend your shared voyage, aligning your sails becomes seamless, allowing us to make a profound impact on the vast ocean of possibilities.

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