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Day 05 – Welcoming Your Audience: The Key to Building Lasting Relationships in Online Courses

Day 05 #DesignForward: The Key to Building Lasting Relationships in Online Courses

Making the 1st Impression Count!

Welcome to another exciting day in our “December of #DesignForward” series! Today, we’re delving into the art of making your clients and course participants feel truly welcomed. The first interaction they have with your course can set the tone for their entire learning experience, and I’m here to share some insights on doing it right.

The Power of Personalized Welcome Messages

Imagine logging into a new course and being greeted not just by a generic screen, but by a personalized audio message or a welcoming video. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with various tools, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in how they welcome new users. Many tools miss the crucial opportunity to connect at that pivotal first login. However, one tool stood out remarkably – so much so that I captured its welcome message as an exemplar for initiating a meaningful relationship.

Beyond the Login: Building a Community

Think about the ways you welcome your audience into your community and course. How do you ensure they feel seen and valued from the moment they invest in your knowledge and skills? Remember, online coaching and courses are about relationship marketing, similar to how we use social media and email campaigns to attract future clients. Just because a participant has invested in your course, it doesn’t mean their journey with you ends there.

A Case in Point: The ConvertKit Experience

Recently, I explored the ConvertKit tool and its welcoming approach left a lasting impression on me. The tool greeted me with a short but impactful welcome video, only 1 minute and 7 seconds long, but it made all the difference. This experience was a prime example of effective relationship-building right from the start.

And for those curious about my final thoughts on ConvertKit – yes, it’s a fantastic tool! I’m currently leveraging its features to help my clients easily start sharing their knowledge and socially prototype their content using the social media ecosystem. Stay tuned for more insights on this later in the week!

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Your Turn to Make a Difference

As we continue our journey in #DesignForward, I encourage you to reflect on how you can create welcoming experiences for your course participants. It’s not just about delivering content; it’s about fostering a community where every member feels acknowledged and valued from the get-go.

Stay tuned for more #DesignForward insights and strategies. Let’s make our online educational spaces not just informative, but also inviting and inspiring.

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