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Day 06 #DesignForward – Dive Deep with Immersion

As we continue our journey through “December of #DesignForward”, today we focus on the transformative power of immersion – a key step in the 5i Impact Cycle framework that I use to collaborate with expert coaches and course creators.

Immersing to Understand & Harmonize

In my role as a fractional Chief Learning Officer, immersion is about getting to the heart of your organization’s story. Here’s what we delve into:

  • Decoding the Course’s Narrative: We explore the story and purpose behind your course.
  • Navigating Core Values: Identifying what drives your organization.
  • Revealing Unspoken Codes: Discovering underlying principles.
  • Harmonizing with Course Rhythm: Aligning strategies with your course’s flow.
  • Understanding the People Behind Roles: Knowing the individuals in your team.
  • Plotting the Course’s Future Journey: Mapping out growth and evolution.

This step is pivotal in crafting learning experiences that resonate with your organization’s unique identity and objectives.

Are you ready to transform your courses and impact? Let’s connect and see how the 5i Impact Cycle can elevate your learning strategy.

To learn more about the immersion process and its role in effective course design, I invite you to learn more about, Step 1: Immerse – 5i Impact Cycle Step One

Embrace the #DesignForward approach and let’s make learning impactful together!

Warm regards,
Dr. Sarah