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Day 12: Exciting Change: We’re Switching to Weekly Emails – More Fun, Less Flood!

December of #DesignForward Daily ~ Tuesday, Dec 12

Hello Readers,

In the wake of Black Friday, it seems like our inboxes are overflowing with endless deals and offers, doesn’t it? Just this morning, I spent nearly an hour sorting through various emails, and that didn’t even include the time needed to respond to those requiring thoughtful replies.

This deluge of messages made me reflect on why I chose to send daily messages for the “December of #DesignForward” series. I realized it was more about self-accountability in sharing design insights than a structured content plan. After a thoughtful discussion with my business coach Jackie, I’ve decided to shift to weekly emails, sent on Fridays, starting immediately.

This means I’ll be transitioning all of you to this weekly format. In other words, I’ll continue to keep you updated every Friday without cluttering your inbox daily. Looking forward to sharing more focused and impactful content with you every week!

Keep the #DesignForward Inspiration Flowing with My Diagnostic & Design Notebook!

As we transition from daily emails to weekly updates every Friday, I understand some of you may still crave that regular dose of inspiration and knowledge. Good news! For those who wish to continue receiving content more frequently, I invite you to explore my Diagnostic & Design Notebook.

Available on my website, the Notebook is a vibrant hub of ideas, tips, and insights, updated regularly. Whether you’re looking for daily inspiration or content every other day, the Notebook has got you covered.

Interested? Just click the link at the bottom of this email to bookmark the Notebook and keep the flow of creative ideas and design knowledge coming.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I look forward to continuing to inspire and educate in both our weekly emails and through the Notebook!

Just 2 Weeks Until My Birthday!

To celebrate, I’m thrilled to present my first birthday gift to you during my December of #DesignForward series.

Introducing a special offer: For a limited time only, I’ve reduced the price of my 45-minute Course Design Lab call and opened up my schedule to accommodate your needs. This is your chance to deep dive into your course experience, design documents or receive a focused review on what’s top priority.

In just one hour, you’ll walk away with actionable tasks to elevate your course experience or move forward with your design blueprint. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your course’s impact.

Book your Course Design Lab call now at – let’s make the most of this special offer and start enhancing your course today!

Dr. Sarah