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#DesignForward Day 13 – Run Experience to Course Experience: Shifting Metric

A Runner’s Journey to Wellness

Hey everyone!

As a long-time athlete and runner (since 8th grade summer, to be exact!), I’ve always measured success by time and distance. Whether it was the “G route” for miles or running to the lake for sand hills, it was all about pace and how far I could go.

But here’s the twist: these metrics never really worked for me. I constantly battled IT band issues, and despite fixing my nutrition, my body still struggled with sustaining distances.

Note: That’s me in the pink, right behind a classmate from my hometown of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, during the Holland Fest run. No names, but let’s just say his name might be Andy.

Enter Heart Rate-Based Training

This method completely changed my perspective, but my health still wasn’t improving. That’s when I stumbled upon HRV (Heart Rate Variability). What’s HRV, you ask? It’s all about how our bodies recover and manage stress. My Apple Watch, which focused on steps and distance, wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Discovering WHOOP

Last spring, I discovered WHOOP and similar devices. I was skeptical until July, when I joined a program where everyone was using WHOOPs to monitor recovery instead of steps. Convinced, I made the switch!

For a while, I wore both my Apple Watch and WHOOP – just in case. But then, I committed fully and traded in my Apple Watch.

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Focus on What Matters

Sure, I still wonder about my step count, but what really matters is how I feel, and that aligns with my Sleep, Strain, and Recovery scores. I’m still figuring out HRV, but I’m noticing improvements and patterns in my skin temperature and heart rate.

Insights from Mastermind Events

I learned that intensive events can drain your body. I always felt it, but now I had the data to prove it! This evidence helped me understand the importance of giving my mind a break post-event.

Listening to My Body

Now, I listen to my body to prevent burnout and maintain my creativity – essential for my role as a fractional Chief Learning Officer, where strategic thinking and creative problem-solving are key.

Have you changed how you track your health yet? Interested in trying out this new approach? Join me by clicking the link on the side. I’m here to share my journey and tips for making this mindset shift from focusing on traditional metrics to what truly matters for our well-being and performance.

Is It Time to Rethink Your Course Success Metrics?

Connecting the Dots to Course Experience Design

Just like my transition from traditional health metrics to a more holistic approach with WHOOP, it’s crucial to evaluate how we measure success in our course designs. Are you stuck on traditional metrics like completion rates or quiz scores? Maybe it’s time to switch gears.

Shift Your Focus

  • Data Stalled or Hit a Plateau? If your course data isn’t showing the growth or engagement you’re aiming for, it might be time for a change.
  • Uncertain About Data Interpretation? Not sure how to use your course data to make impactful improvements for 2024? You’re not alone.

As a fractional Chief Learning Officer, I specialize in helping course creators like you redefine success metrics. We focus on meaningful engagement, learner satisfaction, and real-world application – metrics that truly reflect the effectiveness of your course.

Action Steps to Consider

  1. Review Your Current Metrics: Take a close look at what you’re measuring and why.
  2. Align with Learner Needs: Ensure your metrics reflect your learners’ goals and experiences.
  3. Embrace Holistic Measurement: Consider factors like learner feedback, practical application, and long-term retention.

Ready to Revamp Your Course Metrics?

  • Let’s collaborate to redefine success in your online courses.
  • If you’re unsure where to start or how to interpret your data for 2024 improvements, I’m here to help.

Curious about making this shift? Message me or schedule a strategy call. Together, we can transform your course experience design for impactful and lasting learner success.

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