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Harness my expertise in Course Experience Design to diagnose and treat your courses for optimal health. Together, we'll revolutionize your offerings through comprehensive wellness exams and personalized treatment plans, empowering your learners to achieve exceptional results.

Track Your Wellness Metrics to Stay Creative! WHOOP Metrics

My Personal Experience with WHOOP

In my journey as a runner and athlete, I’ve shifted from traditional metrics like time and distance to embracing WHOOP for wellness tracking. Despite resolving nutrition issues, I continually battled IT band problems and struggled with distance running. The real change came with discovering heart rate variability (HRV) and WHOOP.

Initially wearing both WHOOP and my Apple Watch, I was skeptical, but after joining a program where everyone focused on recovery instead of steps, I was convinced. I fully committed to WHOOP, aligning more with my body’s recovery, sleep, strain, and seeing improvements in HRV, skin temperature, and heart rate. This approach, prioritizing recovery and stress management, has been instrumental in my role as a fractional Chief Learning Officer, helping prevent burnout and maintain my creative and strategic problem-solving abilities.


The WHOOP is a wearable technology designed to optimize health, fitness, and life. WHOOP devices monitor sleep, strain, recovery, health, and more, providing personalized performance coaching based on user data. The technology emphasizes capturing key biometric data for health impact, offering insights for lifestyle and training adjustments.

WHOOP’s unique features like a screen-free design, 24/7 wearability, and lab-level accuracy. WHOOP is supported by health and performance experts and is popular among athletes and health-conscious individuals.

Connect with Me: A Chat about Wellbeing & Metrics

If you’re intrigued by my experience with WHOOP and want to delve deeper into my journey or discuss how it might benefit you, I’m open to sharing more. Feel free to reach out for a discovery call where I can provide a more personal insight into how WHOOP has positively impacted my health and lifestyle. 

This conversation could be a great opportunity to explore whether this metric tracking solution could be a good fit for you too. Let’s connect and talk more about wellbeing, metrics, and the benefits of proper wellbeing balance!

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