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Day 08 Weekly Newsletter #02 🌟 #DesignForward Daily Recap

This week’s #DesignForward journey provided a diverse range of insights and strategies for enhancing online course experiences. Each day, we delved into a different aspect of course creation and participant engagement.


Day 01 – Dec 1st

The #DesignForward weekly newsletter on, dated December 1st, kicks off with a focus on blending creativity with strategy in course design. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining harmony between health, wellbeing, and creativity, particularly during busy times like holiday seasons and launches. The newsletter outlines the #DesignForward series’ content pillars, which include innovative approaches to course experience design, the 5i Impact Cycle Framework, tech stack exploration, and real-world applications. It also invites readers to engage in various collaborative opportunities, such as 45-minute #DesignForward calls and in-depth strategy sessions.

You can read the full post here.


Day 02 – Dec 2nd

The note post “Illuminating Usability: A Journey Beyond the Light Switch” on, part of the #DesignForward series, explores usability’s significant impact on our daily lives and wellbeing. Using the example of an awkwardly placed light switch, the post humorously highlights the importance of user-centric design in everyday situations and ties this concept to online course design. The author encourages readers to view their courses through the lens of a first-time user, emphasizing the need for clarity and intuitiveness, and to conduct usability reviews, underscoring how small changes can lead to substantial improvements in user experience.

You can read the full post here.


Day 03 – Dec 3rd

The note post titled “Embracing Wellness and Creativity: Transforming Fitness Routines for Better Well-being” on discusses the importance of re-evaluating fitness routines for enhanced wellness and creativity. It details the author’s personal journey, including taking a break from regular exercise, focusing on meditation, and the subsequent return to 10k training with new insights. The post connects this physical health journey to professional creativity and well-being, emphasizing a heart rate-focused training philosophy and recommending resources for a balanced approach to fitness.

Read the full post here.


Day 04 – Dec 4th

The note post “Mastering the 5i Impact Cycle for Course Creators and Tech Evaluation” discusses the 5i Impact Cycle framework, a transformative method for course creation and tech tool evaluation. It covers five steps: Immerse, Integrate, Illuminate, Intensify, and Ignite, each essential for developing effective courses and evaluating tech tools. The post also touches on applying this cycle to ConvertKit, showcasing its practical use in real-world scenarios. The 5i Impact Cycle is presented as more than just a methodology; it’s described as a mindset for systematic, impactful course creation and tech evaluation.

Read the full post here.


Day 05 – Dec 5th

In “Welcoming Your Audience: The Key to Building Lasting Relationships in Online Courses,” the focus is on the critical role of first impressions in online learning. The post discusses how personalized welcome messages, such as audio or video, significantly impact course participants. It highlights the author’s experience with the ConvertKit tool, emphasizing effective relationship-building techniques from the start of a course. The post encourages readers to think about how they welcome their audience, aligning with relationship marketing practices similar to social media and email campaigns.

Read the full post here.


Day 06 – Dec 6th

“Day 06 of #DesignForward” focuses on the transformative power of immersion, a crucial step in the 5i Impact Cycle. It emphasizes the importance of understanding an organization’s story, decoding the course narrative, navigating core values, and harmonizing with the course rhythm. The post invites readers to embrace the #DesignForward approach, suggesting a deep dive into immersion for effective course design and a more impactful learning strategy.

Read the full post here.


Day 07 – Dec 7th

“Day 07 – Finding Your Course’s Solid Foundation: A Personal Journey and #DesignForward Insight” on explores the parallels between running training and online course design. It discusses the need for both a guiding system and a supportive structure in course creation, drawing on personal experiences in running to illustrate how systems provide tailored plans and data, while structures ensure rest and recovery. The post emphasizes the importance of personalized welcome systems and intuitive structures in courses to balance growth and support, likening this to the heart rate training philosophy in running.

Read the full post here.



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