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Day 11: Halfway Through #DesignForward: Balancing Goals with Wellness

December of #DesignForward Daily ~ Monday, Dec 11 🌟

Hello Reader,

Today marks the halfway point of my December of #DesignForward Daily series, which will transition to weekly newsletters starting Friday, December 22nd. It’s a moment to reflect on the importance of setting achievable goals. Just like sending daily messages can be unsustainable, so can be the myriad tasks we juggle – posting and communicating Course Experience Design ideas, engaging with clients, while launching a video training podcast, and developing content for a couple courses.

During a sales training today, we discussed IPA (income-producing activities) that made reflect on my strategies for time management that are particularly vital as a solopreneur. It actually connected the dots back to my online teaching days when I’d still be developing course content even after students entered my virtual classroom, instead of being able to solely focus on engagement and support. Does that sound familiar?

One of my key pillars in this series is “Keeping Creativity First,” balancing health, wellbeing, and creativity. After some burnouts during my academic career and early days of consulting, I’ve found personal strategies to maintain harmony and my productivity. My routine includes:

  • Starting my day at 5:15 AM with breathwork for focus and clarity.
  • By 6 AM, I’m ready for a run or row with my iFIT coaches like Tommy Rivs, Stacey Clark, and John Peel, embracing heart rate-based training.
  • While getting ready, I listen to podcasts, selectively absorbing ideas without getting sidetracked, similar to choosing course resources and topics.
  • Post-workout, I nourish my body with the super plant Moringa Oleifera and the protein shake I’ve been enjoying since 2018 for recovery – this is a regimen I’ve refined over many years.
  • My day winds down with a sound bowl meditation to release stress and rejuvenate.

These practices are non-negotiable for me now. What are your go-to strategies for staying creative and balanced amidst the demands of entrepreneurship?

Reply to share your success tips with me, and let’s inspire each other!

Tomorrow, I’m excited to delve into a couple courses I’ve been working on, discussing content creation, video recording, and system implementation.

Wishing you a blessed Monday evening!

Dr. Sarah

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