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Unlocking Potential: Transforming Course Design One 'Light Switch' at a Time

Discovering the Power in the Small Things 🌟

In our “December of #DesignForward” series, I recently shared an insight about something as simple as a light switch and its placement. It might seem minor, but this small detail sparked a significant thought about usability and design.


The Light Switch Insight: A Lesson in Usability 💡

Consider this: a light switch in an inconvenient location. It’s a daily annoyance, yet we often overlook its impact on our experience. This simple example illustrates how even the smallest elements can profoundly affect the functionality and user experience in course experience design.


The Challenge: Rethinking the ‘Little Things’ 🔄

Imagine the transformation possible if we paid close attention to these ‘little things’ in our courses. 

What if we dedicated 2024 to strategically refining these elements? Think about the cumulative effect of these changes on your course and its participants by this time next year.


Month-by-Month Transformation Strategy 🗓️

This idea isn’t just theoretical. It’s a practical, actionable strategy. Envision addressing one small but significant aspect of your course each month. By the end of the year, these adjustments could revolutionize the entire learning experience for your participants.


The Role of a Learning Expert in Course Enhancement 📈

As someone deeply invested in the field of learning and development, I see my role as guiding and assisting in identifying and refining these nuances. It’s about developing a process that iteratively and incrementally improves the course experience, focusing on enhancing every aspect to create a more engaging and effective learning journey.


Conclusion: Transforming Learning Experiences 🚀

The journey of transforming course design by focusing on the ‘little things’ can have a ripple effect. 

It’s about elevating the learning experience, one small change at a time. Ready to explore this approach? Let’s discuss how we can develop a roadmap to strategically enhance your course throughout 2024, making every little adjustment count.




Stay tuned for more insights in our #DesignForward series, where we delve into the art of perfecting course design by focusing on the details that make a big difference.

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