5i Impact Cycle

My Collaborative Framework

My 5i Impact Cycle framework embodies a strategic approach to course experience design and development, blending principles of Immersion, Integration, Illumination, Intensification, and Ignition.

This framework emphasizes iterative enhancements aligned to goals, ensuring continuous improvements and transformations in course/program journeys. It sparks engagement, fosters integration, and amplifies initiatives’ overall impact through a methodical, evolving process.

  1. Immerse: Thoroughly explore subject matter and target audience characteristics. Immerse in existing materials, curricula and teaching methods to comprehend content essence and learning objectives.
  2. Integrate: Seamlessly blend traditional instructional approaches with innovative online andragogy strategies suited for adult learners. Align course objectives with broader goals to integrate smoothly.
  3. Illuminate: Shed light on content strengths and challenges via detailed analysis. Make complex concepts accessible and engaging for online course participants, illuminating learning path.
  4. Intensify: Elevate engagement through intensified interactivity, multimedia and strategies to captivate participant attention. Foster active involvement and immersion.
  5. Ignite: Catalyze innovation in content delivery, technology integration, and interactivity to spark a transformative online learning journey. Ignite enthusiasm and commitment, motivating participation.
  1. Immerse: Conduct deep dive into organizational culture, values, and team dynamics. Understand current course ecosystem state through stakeholder connections and hands-on operations involvement.
  2. Integrate: Align course outcomes with broader organizational goals while applying andragogy strategies suited for adult learners. Blend current course structure into strategic business vision through meticulous connectivity.
  3. Illuminate: Shed light on existing content and strategies via comprehensive analysis, uncovering insights and clarifying opportunities. Highlight strengths and identify improvement areas.
  4. Intensify: Elevate engagement and impact by ramping up interactivity, refining strategies, and intensifying participant-content connections. Create dynamic, enriching atmosphere.
  5. Ignite: Spark transformative changes in methodologies, technologies or overall design. Catalyze innovation and improvement,
  1. Immerse: Immerse yourself deeply in the specific technology tool you are evaluating. This involves understanding its core features, usability, and potential applications in your existing tech stack. Explore how this tool is used by others in your field, and gather as much information as possible about its performance and user feedback.
  2. Integrate: Assess how this tool integrates with your current tech stack and workflow. Consider compatibility, ease of integration, and the learning curve for you and your team. Evaluate how this tool aligns with your existing processes and whether it enhances or complicates your workflow.
  3. Illuminate: Critically analyze the strengths and limitations of the tool. Illuminate the areas where the tool excels and where it falls short. Consider how it addresses specific needs or gaps in your tech stack and whether it offers unique features that set it apart from other tools you are using or have considered.
  4. Intensify: Focus on the potential of the tool to intensify efficiency, productivity, or effectiveness in your operations. Consider how the tool could change or improve the way you work, the impact it could have on your service delivery, and the potential benefits for your clients or audience.
  5. Ignite: Make a decision about whether this tool ignites enough value to be added to your tech stack. This involves weighing the pros and cons, considering the investment versus the expected return, and determining if this tool will significantly contribute to achieving your business goals or improving your service offerings.

Elevating Excellence

Welcome to the 5i Impact Cycle, a unique and comprehensive framework that is at the heart of everything we do. Whether collaborating with clients, evaluating new technologies for our tech stack, or designing and refining online course experiences, this process is pivotal.

A Philosophy for Transformation

Centered around the principles of Immersion, Integration, Illumination, Intensification, and Ignition, the 5i Impact Cycle is not just a method but a philosophy that guides our approach to creating impactful and transformative learning journeys.

Tailored for Leadership in Online Learning

Tailored for directors and vice presidents of operations in expert coaching and online course creator programs, as well as the experts themselves, our framework is your strategic partner in achieving excellence and innovation.

Embrace the 5i Impact Cycle

Embrace this framework to elevate your projects, whether launching a new course or enhancing an existing one, and witness a significant transformation in your approach to operational and learning excellence.

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer [fCLO]

Core Specializations: Performance Analysis & Course Experience Architecture

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