Hi there! I’m Dr. Sarah.

Thank you so much for visiting! Hubrex Designs & Café is a learning design and wellbeing notebook, or blog, about finding harmony within your online course, life, health, and wellbeing.

Recent conversations inspired me to start this notebook (blog). In it I’ll be sharing my research, experience and personal journey in the areas of learning design, computing & technology, and health & wellbeing. Those of you in my Facebook community have seen elements of my journey, but it is my goal here to share the research and evidence behind what I’ve done.

Ultimately, I’m a Learning Engineer and Researcher, Computing Educator and the CEO of MY Health, who worked much of my professional life in academics, computing and technology, and instructional design and development, before landing where I am today.

You can read more about what I’ve been working on over on My Notes page.

Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse
Founder | Chief Learning Engineer & Researcher

Who is Dr. Sarah?

I’m Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse (pronounced hue-brex) or Dr. Sarah for short. I’m an educator and geek that loves applying the learning sciences to content development AND the health and wellbeing space in order to help people just like you bring harmony to their life and the courses they design and offer.

In addition to sharing my Research and Journey Notebook, I am the Chief Learning Engineer and Research Consultant working with coaches, small business leaders, and entrepreneurs to re-envision and redesign their courses and programs into impactful experiences by helping them optimize outcomes.

I am passionate about helping people choose quality health and wellness products. I love helping my clients transition from where they are to where they want to be by integrating wellness into their lifestyle to achieve their health, wellbeing and wealth goals. This is where my learning design background meets the health and wellbeing space as we work together to find harmony in all areas.

While I lead a pretty healthy life, I always seem to be able to make room for ice cream, and I’m always down for a latte, glass of wine or an occasional beer. Also, I have two cute and overly attentive four-legged boys named O’Malley and Pascal.

What’s with the website name?

My career has been what some call a Portfolio Career, because it pulls together experience from the following areas of expertise:

  • learning design and research
  • computing and technology
  • educator, mentor and coach
  • fitness, health and wellness

I like to talk about how I’ve been able to connect the dots between all the things I’m passionate about from learning on over to art and photography. The buckets of Design and my Café are where I will categorize my ideas and share not only those ideas, but content related to computing and education as well. Being the wonderer I am, it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention Travel & Exploration.

Let me explain in a bit more detail for those of you that may or may not have followed my journey in all of the above areas on Facebook through the years.

Hubrex Designs

Hubrex Designs is the bucket where I support clients looking to design or re-envision content and courses.

My goal for sharing content related to Designs now is to guide and support coaches, entrepreneurs, executives, and even teams, through the design and develop process whether they are working to revision and improve a course or just getting started on a new project. During this process I will work with you, and your team, to develop a plan that reduces the likelihood of burnout at all phases of your project, including once your first student enrolls in your course or program. We always design utilizing technology to ensure your engagement needs are met while considering the workload of both the learner and coach. It’s all about balance. As we work together I will share tips and tricks that I’ve personally used when developing my own content, and from my experience working with large and small universities, colleges and k12 institutions, as well as tech companies and individuals developing or revising their content.

I help clients design experiences and lifestyles that promote personalized growth in a way that supports the development of their skills that prepare them for the future they envision for themselves and/or their learners. I’d love to work together to design your path!

Would you like help increasing the impact of your course, training, or webinar? Let’s talk about how we can work together to re-envision and redesign your content to optimize its value. 

Hubrex Café

Hubrex Café is the bucket where I share all things related to health and wellness.

The Café is where you can find out more about my journey to becoming the CEO of MY Health as I share how I found and maintain harmony in my body and life.

My work shared as part of Hubrex Café is where I have the opportunity to get a bit more personal as I share my personal journey to becoming the CEO of MY Health, and as I now work to maintain harmony in my own body and life. It is my hope that by sharing my lessons learned you may find ideas to help you find harmony in any area of your life you’d like.

This is also where I have the extreme pleasure to support you on your journey to becoming your biggest advocate by teaching you strategies to transition from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE. My mission is to serve as your guide as you become the CEO of your Health & Wellness!

The Café is where you can find out more about my journey to becoming the CEO of MY Health as I share how I found and maintain harmony in my body and life.

Travel & Exploration

As part of Hubrex Café, I’ll share how my travel adventures and experiences exploring new areas have brought me in and out of harmony through the years.

I love that my life has been filed with new experiences and I’m so grateful that I now have the opportunity to pay it forward.

What’s this Notebook about?

This blog is what I actually call my notebook because it will be all about my research and journey, but I will also try to give you helpful information you can implement into yours to help you bring harmony to your wellness and life.

On Journey to Harmony & Wellness, you’ll find evidence based health and wellness tips with no extremes, my research notes with actionable take aways, tips and tricks for dealing with and avoiding burnout, along with interviews with inspiration thought leaders and researchers. All with the goal of guiding you to become a better advocate for your health so you can be the CEO of YOUR Health and find harmony in your body and life!

Even though this site is built like a blog, I will be calling it my notebook or my notes, because it will be all about the research I’ve conducted and my journey both professionally (Designs) and personally (Café). I’ll include pictures and videos of my notes and findings, tell you about what I’ve been reading lately, offer evidence based tips and tricks for finding harmony in your life, and introduce you to leaders and researchers along the way.

And, because I’m a mom to two amazing four-legged boys, you’ll also see a lot of pet-mom stuff too.

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