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Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer [fCLO] 

Core Specializations: Performance Analysis & Course Experience Architecture

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah!

Let's Make Learning Unforgettable!

Embark on a transformative journey with me, Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse (pronounced hue-brex), as we redefine the essence of online courses. With two decades of shaping dynamic learning environments, my craft now lies in sculpting immersive course experiences that resonate deeply with participants and drive substantial growth. 

We’ll apply the design strategies I honed while assisting subject matter experts and faculty at institutions like MIT, SNHU and Concordia in creating their hybrid and online courses. My journey has taken me from supporting innovative startups to tech leaders. Now, my focus is empowering online entrepreneurs, guiding them toward both financial success and profound satisfaction in their ventures.

Forget the conventional titles; my clients know me as the course experience architect behind some of the most captivating online learning journeys.

Together, we will:

  • Catalyze your revenue while deeply engaging your participants,
  • Create outcomes that not only educate but truly captivate,
  • Foster a vibrant community that champions and amplifies your brand.

Setting Sail on Exceptional Journeys

Mastering the Art & Science of Course Experience Design

Embarking on the creation of an online course is not just a professional quest, it’s a personal one too. I understand that. You’re not seeking the ordinary path; you’re chasing a vision that’s as grand as the courses themselves. The journey is fraught with investment and risk, the kind that doesn’t always guarantee the returns you’d hoped for. The uncertainty can be a formidable shadow, and the thought of your hard work drifting unseen is unacceptable.

Let’s take a moment to Breathe.

This is where I step in. With a shared vision and an understanding of the stakes, I’m here to navigate you through the nuanced waters of course experience design. Together, we’ll chart a course to engagement, impact, and success, both for you and your clients.

My Values

Voices of Praise and Gratitude

Sarah's Course Experience Design is unmatched — it's the most coherent and polished blueprint I've encountered, setting a new standard for graduate-level learning environments.
Jaymes M.
Director & Associate Dean
Sarah transformed my vision into a beautifully designed, enduring art course on Canvas. Her expertise brought my dream to life with professional flair and user-friendly rubrics for easy grading.
Hannah M.
Art Teacher
Working with Sarah was a breath of fresh air — her direct approach and clear boundaries made the design process efficient and enjoyable. Her flexibility and focus on delivering a superb final product truly stand out.
Bob I.
History SME & Professor

A Moment Of Clarity

In an epiphany, it became clear that the essence of purpose and the pursuit of freedom were paramount, far surpassing the chase for external validation. This sparked a renewed passion for designing transformative learning experiences, unbound by conventional frameworks. It became my mission to empower creators in their quest to unlock and harness their full potential.

Stepping into My Entrepreneurial Purpose

Entrepreneurship runs deep in my heritage, from the innovative spirit of my grandpa and great-grandpas to my father’s ingenuity. This legacy ignites my passion as a Fractional Chief Learning Officer, specializing in Performance Analysis and Course Experience Architecture, driving me to inspire boundless creativity and innovation. In my previous roles, the opportunity to learn and be mentored was invaluable, yet something fundamental was missing.

Emboldened by my family’s pioneering spirit, I was driven to carve out my own path. The desire to fully embrace my calling was irresistible. I aspired to create a journey grounded in meaning, empowering course creators globally with experiential learning, reminiscent of my grandpa’s innovative forays into snowmobile design.

Guiding Creators Today

Today, as a Fractional Chief Learning Officer, I guide entrepreneurs and program leaders to craft human-centered online learning experiences that unlock the full potential of their courses for lasting impact. My approach is pragmatic, rooted in real-world application, bringing course concepts to vibrant life.

Together, we elevate their courses from mere content to memorable, impactful experiences. My objective is to light the way for fellow entrepreneurs and innovative leaders, equipping them with proven strategies for designing the course experiences they’ve always envisioned, fostering human connection, and making a meaningful impact.

Grandpa Robert Huibregtse on his Home brew Snowmobile in 1936.

Grandpa Robert Huibregtse on a road trip from Wisconsin to Iowa in 1937.

USS Mount Hood AE-29 ready to leave dry docks in California

Sailing much like the USS Mount Hood (AE-29), the very ship I called home for three years, I understand the transformative journey from dry dock to open seas. Courses, akin to vessels, may occasionally find themselves docked, beset with challenges that limit their voyage to success.

My role? I'm the seasoned captain and strategist, diagnosing your course's challenges, charting a course from the red oceans of competition to the blue oceans of boundless opportunity. With a custom-crafted plan, streamlined by savvy automation tools, your course will set sail once more, sleeker, more robust, and primed to captivate clients anew.

Together, we'll navigate the waters of online learning, leveraging my expertise to calibrate your course's true north. From assessing its current bearings to prescribing impactful optimizations, I am here to guide your journey from the stillness of the dock to the exhilarating promise of uncharted waters.

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Get to Know Sarah in the Third Person

I'm deeply passionate about collaborating with visionaries like you. I'm firmly rooted in the belief that transformative learning experiences pave the way for empowerment and liberation, enriching not only your journey but also the lives of those you touch.

Notes About My Journey

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