Invitation to Participate in Cutting-Edge Research

Your AI-Powered Course Blueprint,
Expertly Crafted in a
Done-For-You Package

🚀 Your Expertise,


Greetings, Online Course Creators!

You’ve already conquered your niche, becoming a master in your field. The next step? Sharing your hard-earned wisdom through a stellar course that sets the bar high. 

With me serving as your Fractional Chief Learning Architect, you’ll do more than just create a course—you’ll deliver a transformative learning experience.

🛠 Fast-Track Your Vision!

AI-Powered Course Blueprint
Done-For-You Package

Turn Your Vision Into Reality In Just Two Calls!

Unlock the extraordinary potential of Your Expertise + AI + Learning Architect with our “AI-Powered Course Blueprint Done-For-You Package.”

Whether you’re a first-time online course creator or looking to elevate an existing online course, this package is your express lane to online course creation success. With one 30-minute consultation and a 60-minute deep-dive session, you won’t just conceptualize, you’ll receive a tailor-made blueprint and resource package, readied for content creation and execution.

Ready for Impact?

Book your initial consultation and kick-start your course creation odyssey with my guidance as your Fractional Chief Learning Architect.

Simplify & Elevate Your Online Course Creation

Wave goodbye to the labyrinthine process of online course creation.

Your expertise, coupled with AI wizardry and my personalized guidance as your Fractional Chief Learning Architect, allows you to bypass the roadblocks that often baffle course creators. You’re not just launching a course; you’re unveiling a meticulously designed, deeply engaging learning experience.

Be a Pioneer in the Future of Online Course Creation!

Ever thought your course could set the standard for the future of online learning? Now’s your chance. Our “AI-Powered Course Blueprint Done-For-You Package” isn’t just another course development program—it’s a ground-breaking research project. We’re combining the powerful trio of Your Expertise + AI + My Learning Architecture experience to craft courses that resonate and command attention in a crowded online marketplace.

Why Participate?

  • Influence the Industry: Be among the first to leverage this unique blend of human expertise, AI, and learning architect guidance in course creation.
  • Share Your Insights: Your experiential feedback will contribute to refining this innovative approach, influencing the future for course creators like you.

Your Commitment

By participating in this cutting-edge research project, you agree to complete a brief evaluation after your course blueprint is finalized. Your insights will be invaluable as we continue to optimize this next-level method for creating compelling, effective online courses.

Your Done-For-You Package Deliverables

AI-Powered Course Blueprint

A tailored online course blueprint that includes multiple title options, corresponding descriptions, 3-5 outcomes, module outline options, multiple course development options, and even social media starter posts.

Multiple Personas (High, Medium, Low)

Detailed profiles that help you understand your target learners. These include common challenges, pain points, and misconceptions that your course aims to address.

AI Prep File ( in a .txt file )

An AI prep file with a host of specific information gathered to ensure the AI tools are fine-tuned to your online course for optimal content development moving forward.

Training & How-To Resources (Included in 60-Minute Session)

During our 60-minute session, I'll provide targeted training to help you effectively use all your package components. This hands-on training will ensure that you're well-equipped to implement the AI Preparatory file, audience personas, and ai-powered course blueprint into your course and content development strategy.

BONUS Unlock Your Next Level:
30-Minute Research Recap & Review

After you've spent 14-21 days using your AI-powered course package, we'll reconvene for a 30-minute Zoom call. This session allows us to discuss your experience, evaluate the impact, and refine our ongoing research. A scheduling link for this important follow-up will be provided along with your final ai-powered course package.

“In the fusion of human expertise and AI innovation, we craft courses that don't just inform but transform. This is more than just online course creation; it's a gateway to pioneering learning experiences.”

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

📅 Your Next Steps

Journey to Your Dream Course in 3 Easy Steps

Ready to turn your course vision into reality? The path to your dream online course is simpler than you think.

Follow these three easy steps, and you’ll be on your way to creating a course that captures and shares your expertise.


Select a Date & Time

Scroll down to access our scheduling tool and pick a convenient slot for your first 30-minute consultation call.


Complete Your Payment

Upon confirming your slot, you’ll proceed to a secure payment gateway. Once your payment is complete, you’re officially in!


Book Your
Second Call

Once payment is received a link to schedule your 60-minute AI-Powered Course Blueprint Walkthrough will be on your payment confirmation page. Just make sure it’s at least 48 hours after our initial conversation to give me time to work my magic on your course blueprint.

What Happens After You Book?

  1. After your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a link to an intake form. Completing this form at least 4 hours before our initial 30-minute consultation will allow me to come prepared with a thorough understanding of your course idea and topic. This will help us make the most out of our first session.
  2. Following this, I will set to work on creating your specialized course package, leveraging AI tools along with your expertise.
  3. Then, we’ll convene for a 60-minute walkthrough at least 48 hours later. During this session, I’ll present your fully customized course package, provide training on how to use the various components, and outline your next steps to take your course from blueprint to reality.

  4. Additionally, 14-21 days after you’ve had a chance to apply your AI-powered course package, we’ll schedule a 30-minute follow-up Zoom call to discuss your experience, evaluate its impact, and consider any refinements. A link to schedule this follow-up will be included in your finalized course package.

Research Participant

Confidentiality and Sharing

While your participation in this research project is invaluable, we understand the importance of privacy. By agreeing to partake in this research project, please note that your anonymized insights may be shared in reports, case studies, or online content for promotional purposes. No personally identifiable information will be disclosed without your explicit consent.

If you do not wish for your insights to be shared, please make this known at the start of the project. We respect your privacy and aim to create an environment where all participants feel secure and heard.

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