Discover Your Path: Start with a Power Hour Consult

Optimize Your Course With Customized Enhancement Bundles

Optimize Your Course With Customized Enhancement Bundles

Transform And Elevate: Tailored Course Experience Design


To kickstart this journey, begin with a Power Hour Consult, a deep dive into your course design resources or an audit if your course has a history. In this hour, we’ll explore the depths of your course’s immediate needs and goals, strategizing impactful enhancements.

Following the Power Hour, I’ll detail and document the plan along with action items to prepare for the next phase of your journey.

Each bundle is thoughtfully customized and designed, addressing distinct stages of course experience development. Ranging from foundational strategy sprints to in-depth design intensives, our targeted solutions aim to elevate your course from its current standing to peak performance. Whether your goal is to refine content, broaden learner engagement, or scale your revenue, our bundles deliver the expert guidance and actionable steps necessary for outstanding outcomes.

Explore Possibilities: Sample Bundles to Inspire Your Course Transformation

1.5 Day Course Experience Bundle

Investment: $8,638 | $7,774
10% discount applied on bundles
Typically booking 1-3 weeks in advance

Combine strategic foresight with in-depth design in this unique bundle, merging a Half-Day Sprint and a Full-Day Intensive for a transformative course experience.

10% discount applied for bundled services.

3-Day Intensive Plus Bundle

Investment: $17,276 | $15,548
10% discount applied on bundles
Typically booking 2-4 weeks in advance

Experience a robust and in-depth course enhancement journey with this package, blending two Half-Day Sprints with three Full-Day VIP Intensives for comprehensive course experience development.

10% discount applied for bundled services.

Comprehensive Course Creator Journey Bundle

Investment: $26,863 | $24,177
10% discount applied on bundles
Typically booking 2-4 weeks in advance

This ultimate bundle offers an all-encompassing pathway for course creators, guiding you from initial strategy to final refinements. It sequentially combines multiple core services for a deeply integrated and thorough course development experience.

10% discount applied for bundled services.

Still deciding which package will best suit your needs? Schedule a Discovery Call with me to find your perfect course experience design solution. Together, we'll clarify your goals and select the ideal path for your course's success.

Comprehensive Course Creator Journey Bundle

designed to guide you through every phase of course experience enhancement,
from the initial strategy to the final touches.
$ 24,177
Embark on a transformative path
  • Strategic Sprint Series:
    Benefit from four Half-Day Sprints, each session strategically aligned to refine your course direction.
  • Blueprint for Success:
    Lay the groundwork with an AI-Powered Course Blueprint Package, providing data-driven insights for foundational course design.
  • Dual Intensive Design Days:
    Dive deep with two VIP Full-Day Intensives, focusing on comprehensive development and intricate design.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance:
    Receive continuous, expert-led support, ensuring each course element is developed with precision and care.
  • Actionable Improvements:
    the epitome of tailored course experience design, offering a sequence of meticulously planned sessions for unparalleled course development.
5+ Days

3-Day Intensive Plus Bundle

Step into a journey of profound course enhancement!
$ 15,548
Merging strategic foresight with in-depth design
  • Extended Intensive Approach:
    Immerse yourself in three Full-Day VIP Intensives, each day devoted to comprehensive and immersive design work, transforming your course at every level.
  • Strategic Sprint Foundations:
    Complement the intensives with two Half-Day Sprints, laying the groundwork for your course’s strategic evolution and preparing for the deep dives ahead.
  • Complete Course Overhaul:
    This bundle is perfect for those looking to conduct a thorough revamp of their course or create a new, impactful learning journey from the ground up.
  • Inclusive, Tailored Experience:
    Receive a fully rounded service that covers every aspect of your course, from the initial concept to the final refinements, ensuring a cohesive and high-quality course experience.
  • Actionable Improvements:
    This bundle is designed for visionary entrepreneur coaches and course creators who seek a rapid yet thorough enhancement of their online courses, ensuring a standout presence in the competitive digital landscape.
3 Days

1.5 Day Course Experience Bundle

Embark on a journey of strategic refinement and design innovation.
$ 7,774
Creating a seamless blend of planning and execution for your course experience!
  • Integrated Strategy & Design:
    Initiate with a Half-Day Sprint focusing on strategic planning, followed by immersive design work in the Full-Day Intensive.
  • Day-of Slack Channel Access:
    Maintain direct, agile communication during the intensive day for effective collaboration and resource integration.
  • Comprehensive Course Enhancement:
    Holistically enhance your course, addressing both overarching strategy and intricate design details.
  • Tailored for Progress:
    Perfectly suited for both refining existing courses and developing new, cutting-edge course experiences.
  • Actionable Improvements:
    This bundle is designed for course creators who desire a comprehensive approach, combining strategic foresight with creative design execution to elevate their online offerings.
1.5 Day

Schedule Your Power Hour Consult:
Setting the Stage for Success

Embark on Your Course Enhancement Journey

Before we dive into the transformative process of your chosen bundle, let’s begin with a crucial 60-minute Power Hour Consult.

This call is where we lay the groundwork for your course’s success. During this session, we will select the dates and times for your bundle services and conduct a thorough review and audit of your current course resources. Additionally, we’ll go over the workbook together to ensure all your materials are primed for our deep dive on the first day of service.

Select a date and time for our Power Hour Consult below and take the first step in elevating your course to new heights.

Unsure which bundle suits your course or needs?
Start with a Power Hour Consult for an initial assessment. In the Power Hour, we'll audit and pinpoint the best starting point for enhancing your course or program. Plus, if you decide to purchase a bundle within 24 hours of our consult, you'll receive a $500 credit towards it, kickstarting your transformative journey.

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