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Hi! I'm Dr. Sarah

Uncertainty if your niche course concept warrants investing effort? Validating buyer demand with precision eliminates guesswork.

I help reframe well-intentioned online offerings into high-resonance personal and career accelerants utilizing performance analysis, strategic architecture, and gold standard experience design.

By amplifying course quality, relevance and measurable real-world impact, your transformed course magnetizes empowered alumni evangelists while sustaining recurring passive revenue.

Despite mounting digital course competition, stay confident by trusting my personalized collaboration guaranteeing competitive differentiation. Through our partnership expect elevated conversion and client results plus streamlined workflows liberating your time and genius for bold vision chasing.

Whether enhancing existing digital course or launching new frontiers, together we’ll craft a course and community curating life and career clarity for those you serve.

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Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café | Fractional Chief Learning Officer [fCLO] 

Core Specializations: Performance Analysis & Course Experience Architecture

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Still deciding which package will best suit your needs? Schedule a 30-minute Course Clarity Call with me to find your perfect course experience design solution. Together, we'll clarify your goals and select the ideal path for your course's success.

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Ready to explore how your course can reach new heights? 

Schedule a 30-minute Course Clarity Call with me, your guide to unparalleled course experiences. We’ll discuss your vision, challenges, and goals to determine how my services can elevate your course. This call is the first step to crafting a learning journey that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities and ensure we’re the perfect fit to bring your course to life.