Ensure Your Digital Course Fits Perfectly & Profits!

Dodge the Pitfalls of Oversized Expectations & Unprofitable Outcomes.

~ One-To-One Coaching ~

The real question is, can you afford the risk of delay?

Time to cut through the noise & launch that digital course destined for distinction!

Through my 3-Phase Course Experience Architecting Framework and One-To-One Coaching, I eliminate obstacles obstructing your course creation vision while illuminating crucial footholds for an unparalleled participant experience.

Alongside you, I handle heavy lifts including:

  • Executing quantified performance audits unveiling targeted growth opportunities
  • Optimizing your content architecture for maximum resonance
  • Managing logistics from ideation to launch and ongoing engagement

As you remain focused on sharing your expertise, I advise on:

  • Right-sizing modules for comprehension
  • Integrating engagement rituals fostering community
  • Constructing progress checks demonstrating legitimate personal and career enhancement

Consider me your strategist reviewing and addressing every intersection of the participants’s journey, ensuring your course and content not only launches but serves as a gold standard for your niche.

~ One-To-One Coaching ~

What is my 3-Phase Course
Experience Architecting Framework?

It's YOUR secret weapon for CReating a
profitable, successful & Right Sized digital course!

Phase 1

Right Sized
Course + Content

Phase 2

Design And Architect

Phase 3

Prepare to Launch + Engage

Note: My process is platform-neutral, but choosing to start with a tool such as ConvertKit (with/without WordPress Integration) is a great cure for “platform paralysis” and it means I can provide implementation advice too.

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café | Fractional Chief Learning Officer [fCLO] 

Core Specializations: Performance Analysis & Course Experience Architecture

Reach Your Goals with My
One-To-One Coaching

Tap into my 18+ years of experience in online course performance analysis, experience design, delivery and tech skills, including a PhD specialization in Design for Online Learning, to launch a successful digital course. Discover:

  • Outcome-driven coaching with my 3-Phase Course Experience Architecting Framework to achieve goals quickly.
  • Time-saving solutions, streamlined processes and resources to simplify your course design and build.
  • Curated and sustainable solutions scalable for you and your business.
  • One-To-One support and accountability guiding your course creation priorities.
  • Technical optimizations so you can focus purely on content excellence.
  • Tactical issue resolution allowing full concentration on core content.
  • Maximize your profit with strategic digital course delivery.

Together we’ll craft the digital course, community, and launch strategy boosting engagement and fueling ongoing participant achievements.

Secure success with an expert guide who navigates course creation pitfalls, easing burdens and simplifying your path to Profits.

One-To-One Coaching
to Design & Create
Your Digital Course

Choose a single strategy session or a custom bundle.
We start with a Clarity Call to focus on your goals.

This is for you if seeking to:

  • Architect distinct digital courses converting curiosity into sales.
  • Accelerate creations through dedicated one-to-one guidance.
  • Overcome platform obstacles with tech integration insights.
  • Maximize time by working with a coach concentrating wholly on your goals.
Earn 200K & More

It's time for course experiences that truly reflect the value of your offerings, so you can become that trusted, standout brand with a course that leaves a lasting impact... and build a business that's set to change the world with your passion and dedication.

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