Do you have a brilliant course idea
but feel stuck on how to bring it to life?

Online Course Creation CAN BE Effortless, Lucrative, and Enjoyable!

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Diving deep into course experience design? Consider these pivotal aspects:

With a focus on experience design and content personalization, let’s craft courses that truly captivate and educate.

This is precisely why I designed the Course Design Consult. A dedicated 60 minutes of one-on-one guidance to turn your course vision into reality, without the hefty expense or the looming sense of overwhelm.

By the end of your 1-hour consult, you could have course idea outline (mapped), or be ready to move forward with transforming it into a captivating online course.

I’ll guide you through optimizing your course content and personalizing the learner experience; after our consult, you’ll have a clearer roadmap to refine and enhance your course offerings.

The Course Design Consult is the entrepreneur's express route to crafting and launching an impactful online course.

This is tailor-made for those who:

Here's What You'll Achieve >>>

A Forward Progress on Your Course Map:

Dive deep into a tailored map that focuses on course experience design. This isn’t just a generic outline; it’s a roadmap crafted with AI insights, ensuring your content, exercises, and assets are primed for optimal learner engagement.

Clarity on Your Course Promise:

Understand the unique value proposition of your course. What transformative learning experiences are you offering? How will it change or benefit the learner’s journey?

Answers to Questions Like:

  • How can AI-driven insights optimize the content for my course?
  • Given the content and target audience, should this be a mini-course, masterclass, or a signature program?
  • How can I integrate community, accountability, and feedback mechanisms to enhance the course experience?
Tips on How to Conduct a Successful Beta Launch:

Leverage the power of your course blueprint to test the waters. Understand how to gather feedback, iterate, and refine for a full-scale launch.

Promotion Ideas:

Strategies to leverage your AI-powered course experience design, ensuring you attract and resonate with your target audience right from the start.

Action Steps:

A clear list of next steps to bring your course to life, complemented by our call notes and a recording for reference. This ensures you’re equipped to transition from ideation to launch seamlessly.

Course Design Sessions are crafted to transform your course vision from a mere thought into actionable content swiftly.

Hello, I'm Sarah!

Empowering you to design transformative, learner-centric online courses is my passion. Together, we’ll not only make a profound mark in the digital learning landscape but also ensure you thrive, enjoy the journey, and achieve remarkable financial success.

As the founder of Hubrex Designs & Café, I also serve as your Fractional Chief Learning Architect and Course Experience Designer. With over 20 years in online course design, my specialty is guiding entrepreneurs like you. Together, we’ll craft courses that educate, resonate, and harness the potential of AI.



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Note: For more comprehensive courses, we might need to schedule additional sessions.

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Voices of Success

Your help with my Marketing course was invaluable. The template we developed is now a cornerstone for my future projects. Can’t thank you enough.

Lester W.

Marketing SME & Consultant

Just finished teaching the COMM course we developed. The results were exactly as I’d hoped. One student mentioned, ‘This is the most I’ve learned… I feel confident in pursuing a career in PR.’ Thanks for your help!

Rick H.

Communications SME

We haven’t had a chance to meet directly, but I wanted to send a note of appreciation for everything that you are doing. The … team are very complimentary about your abilities, and I’m excited you’re a part of the team. Thanks!

Matthew S.

President & CEO

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