Accelerate Your Course's Development:
Half-Day Diagnostic & Design Sprint

Refine Your Course with Comprehensive Expertise

Strategize and Structure:
In-Depth Course Experience Design

Dive into a transformative Half-Day Design & Diagnostic Sprint to comprehensively elevate your course. This 2.5-hour session is designed to thoroughly assess and strategize significant enhancements for your course. Whether it’s about streamlining content, enhancing engagement, or scaling revenue, this Sprint offers a deep-dive approach to refine your course strategy and design.

Ideal for in-depth analysis and targeted solutions, this Sprint includes an additional 1.5 hours of dedicated design time following the session. You’ll receive a detailed plan with prioritized next steps within 24 hours, ensuring you have a clear path to elevate your course effectively.

By choosing this Sprint, you position your course for substantial improvement and success.

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Half-Day Diagnostic & Design Sprint

Fast-track your course's success with this targeted half-day, ideal for both conceptualizing new courses and auditing existing ones.
$ 3,250
Position your course at the forefront of online learning.
  • Tailored for Precision and Progress:
    Dive into a half-day sprint that merges strategic planning with practical design finesse.

    This session is structured to crystallize your course’s potential, transforming it from concept to contender in the competitive online learning arena.
  • Strategic Collaboration:
    Spend 2.5 hours in a work session dedicated to mapping out your course's direction and design strategy.
  • Extended Analysis & Planning:
    Post-session, receive an additional 2+ hours of expert analysis to refine and perfect your course plan.
  • Actionable Plan Delivery:
    Within 24 hours, get a detailed plan with prioritized next steps for implementing changes independently or with continued guidance.
  • First Steps to Mastery:
    Kickstart your journey to creating a course that stands out in the competitive digital landscape, whether you're just beginning or enhancing an existing course.
  • In-Depth Course Audit:
    Rigorously evaluate and pinpoint improvement areas in your course, laying the groundwork for impactful enhancements and innovations.
  • Add On - Zoom Debrief:
    Further detail the deliverables with an optional follow-up call.
  • This intensive is for course creators at any stage:
    —whether you’re just starting to create with a solid idea or seeking to uplift an existing course.

    We’ll dissect, audit, and strategize, leaving no stone unturned to ensure your course is primed for success.
Half Day

Schedule Your Half-Day Diagnostic & Design Sprint:
Embark on a Comprehensive Course Enhancement

The Half-Day Diagnostic & Design Sprint is your gateway to a thorough and impactful enhancement of your course. In this intensive 2.5-hour session, we delve deep into your course’s structure and strategy, identifying key areas for improvement and growth. Following the session, receive 2+ additional hours of focused design time to refine your course further. Schedule your Half-Day D&D Sprint below and take a significant step towards elevating your course to its full potential.

This approach is crafted to ensure a detailed and actionable path for your course’s success. Your journey towards a more engaging and effective course experience begins with this comprehensive diagnostic sprint.

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