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I'll show you how to Design High-Quality Online Courses that not only attract but also retain your ideal clients, leading to faster and more effective results.

My approach is crafted for:

  • Expert Coaches: Tailoring course experiences to amplify your coaching impact.
  • Course Creators: Elevating your courses for deeper engagement and transformative outcomes.
  • Directors of Operations: Streamlining course operations for maximum efficiency and success.
  • CEOs and Founders: Harnessing strategic course designs to foster growth and innovation.

You're an expert in your field but creating online courses that effectively translate your knowledge into impactful learning experiences and outcomes might be a challenge.

Ready to elevate your course experience, make your dreams take flight, and boost your sales? Let's get YOU started on your [re]design journey TODAY.

Let's dive deep into the
world of course experiences!

In the bustling realm of online courses,
it can often feel like you're lost in a sea of noise.

But here's the scoop...

Sailing through the crowded seas of digital offerings without a focused course experience strategy is akin to navigating without a compass. It’s essential to have a clear vision — articulating your course’s purpose, goals, unique value, and desired outcomes — to chart a course that stands out.

As a course experience designer, I serve as your compass, guiding each step with strategic precision to ensure your content not only reaches its destination but makes a lasting impact.

Course Experiences? They’re more than meets the eye! It’s about more than engagement; it’s about:

  • experience-driven course development,
  • crafting a journey that’s finely tuned and tailored for transformative learning experiences.
  • Participants should be pumped with excitement as they embark on a journey that’s designed to lead them straight to their personal transformation or success – exactly what you promised when they joined your program.

To achieve this, we apply an innovative user experience in online learning approach, ensuring every aspect of your course is meticulously designed for those epic outcomes.

Collaborate with me to transform your online offerings into personalized growth and learning pathways that yield tangible results!

Here’s my 3-step system:

01 Data-Driven Course Adventure

Embark on an innovative course experience design adventure, driven by data and inspired by creativity.

We embark on a quest to uncover hidden treasures of insights from past performance history, feedback, questions, emails, reviews, engagement analytics, click rates, and even design documents and blueprints.

And yes, we’re not afraid to call it an “audit” because we scrutinize every detail, whether your course is a newbie or has already made $100k or more.

Equipped with these insights, we aim to sculpt the ultimate user experience, fostering scalable course development.

02 Masterful Course Craftsmanship

With our data findings in hand, we apply real-world course experience design strategies in an artful way to craft a masterful course experience for your participants and team.

Here, we embrace our creativity to become masters of engaging course creations through:

  • Compelling storytelling
  • A personalized or choose your own adventure approach.

We intricately weave your brand’s essence into every facet of the course design, ensuring a voice that’s uniquely yours is heard throughout, using my proven framework throughout the stages of ideation, design, and creation.

It’s like painting a canvas with the colors of engagement and transformation.

03 Design and Creation Excellence

As we delve deeper into the course experience design process, we focus on the heart of the matter—design and creation.

Here begins our comprehensive, yet unique and personalized, course experience methodology, meticulously crafting interactive online learning designs, aligning each content piece and module with the transformative vision of your course with the end result in mind.

Whether it’s:

  • Creating new content
  • Refining existing

We’re all about making it top-notch and transformative.

Plus, don’t forget about our new best friends—AI tools, which can step in when we’re catching some zzz’s.

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer
& Learning Architect

Hi there, I'm Sarah!

Founder & Chief Learning Architect at Hubrex Designs & Café

Let’s transform your courses into unforgettable experiences.

Hubrex Designs & Café is your premier boutique for transformative learning experience design, and I’m here to bring your creative vision to life. I specialize in offering tailored course engagement solutions that help business owners like you create standout learning experiences. I firmly believe that success doesn’t have to come from constant hustle. It’s about designing engaging course creations that resonate with your audience, guide them towards meaningful transformations, and over-deliver on results and success.

My expertise lies in the art & science of creating interactive online course experience designs that are as effective as they are engaging, and when you work with me, you’re getting more than just a service – you’re getting a design partner. I typically collaborate closely with 1 or 2-person teams or decision-makers who value personalized attention, are the decision makers, and have already achieved significant success with goals of going beyond $500k or even reaching 7 figures.

My approach isn’t just about course design; it’s an immersion into experience-driven course development that:

  • Aligns with your brand,
  • Aligns with your vision,
  • Aligns with your unique voice.

This ensures that the designs we create are not just on par but aligned with who you are and what you want your participants to experience.

Plus, we dream big about how AI tools and technology can support and personalize the journey for your participants along the way.

Together, we’ll steward your courses to stand out in the noisy online space, sell like hotcakes, and make the course experience as unforgettable as your creative genius!

Unlock the power of your online courses and watch your revenue soar. Our mission is to help you maximize your course potential by creating remarkable experiences that transform participants into dedicated fans. So go ahead, throw your hands up and celebrate your success—or just brew a latte (mind brewing me one too, while you’re at it?

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