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Harness my expertise in Course Experience Design to diagnose and treat your courses for optimal health. Together, we'll revolutionize your offerings through comprehensive wellness exams and personalized treatment plans, empowering your learners to achieve exceptional results.

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  • Hashtags: Journey from Pound Signs to Social Media Essentials

    Hashtags: Journey from Pound Signs to Social Media Essentials

    Master strategic hashtagging to boost niche authority. This guide explores best practices from broad discovery to ultra-targeted community engagement using personalized keywords and phrases. Learn techniques for measurable visibility gains through intentional cross-platform integration. Optimize content for connection.

  • #DesignForward Day 1 – Weekly Newsletter

    #DesignForward Day 1 – Weekly Newsletter

    Embark on a journey of creativity and strategy with our ‘December of #DesignForward’ series, specially designed for expert coaches and course creators. Discover insightful tips and strategies for blending health, wellbeing, and creativity into your course designs and operations. Dive into this exciting series and elevate your projects with innovative ideas and practical solutions, as…