My Notebook

Harness my expertise in Course Experience Design to diagnose and treat your courses for optimal health. Together, we'll revolutionize your offerings through comprehensive wellness exams and personalized treatment plans, empowering your learners to achieve exceptional results.

~ My Official Bio ~

Dr. Sarah J Huibregtse

Founder &
Fractional Chief Learning Officer

Performance Analysis
Course Experience Design
Human-Centered Learning Design
Learning Communities

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse (pronounced /hue-brex/) is the visionary behind The Course Doctor [], The Course Doctor’s Notebook [], and Hubrex Designs & Café, where she excels as a Fractional Chief Learning Officer (fCLO). She specializes in working with expert coaches and course creators to design digital products and courses focusing on Performance Analysis, Course Experience Design, Human-Centered Learning Design, and Learning Communities. For over two decades, her commitment to the intricate Art and Science of Customer, Learning, and Community Experience Design has influenced a variety of settings, from startups to prestigious institutions and forward-thinking small and digital businesses.

Inspired By Her Roots

Dr. Sarah’s journey is inspired by the tales of her Grandpa Huibregtse and Great-Grandpa—both luminaries in their time who seamlessly blended creativity and business insight. Drawing from this rich lineage, she meticulously crafts customer and course experiences that are both innovative and deeply rooted in tradition.

Beyond her role as an fCLO, Dr. Sarah’s dedication to life long learning is palpable. An accomplished facilitator, she has enriched numerous learning environments, creating spaces that stimulate curiosity, growth and most importantly, tangible RESULTS.

Her commendable service in the Navy onboard the USS Mount Hood, combined with her tenure in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, have shaped her unique blend of leadership, strategy, and operational prowess.

The Digital Café

The Course Doctor embodies Dr. Sarah’s passion for guiding entrepreneurs in their coaching and course creation journey. The Digital Café serves as a vibrant collaborative community space where creators converge to share, learn, and discuss. Whether seeking tips and tricks from Dr. Sarah, exchanging insights with peers, or sharing the challenges they face, the Digital Café fosters a nurturing community that champions collective growth.

Holistic Guidance

As The Course Doctor, Dr. Sarah’s fCLO services offer holistic guidance to entrepreneurs. She doesn’t just design digital product suites; she ensures these experiences [from purchase to celebration] resonate deeply with learners in order to deliver results throughout, while integrating them seamlessly into today’s dynamic digital and social media ecosystem.

Outside of her digital endeavors, Dr. Sarah’s life is a colorful blend of passions, from outdoor adventures to musical crafts to sports activities that include running, hiking, biking and even rowing.

Blending tradition with modern innovation, Dr. Sarah stands as a guiding light for entrepreneurs navigating their first digital product or course creation journey, to those ready to elevate their product suite experience. For those seeking expert guidance, cutting-edge tools, and a genuine spirit of collaboration, The Course Doctor offers a welcoming community ready to support and elevate their endeavors.