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No more delays or complications. Imagine dedicating an entire day exclusively to YOU and your course. Let’s streamline your course design journey and make it an unforgettable, efficient, and productive experience.

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Here are just a few of the possibilities we can explore together:

⇒ Design Blueprint


Understanding Your Course: Audit + Needs Analysis


Embark on an essential journey to the core of your course experience. Our process begins with an Audit + Needs Analysis, delving deep into your course's specifics. This stage is crucial in ensuring that every aspect of your course aligns with your vision and objectives, setting the stage for a course that truly meets your goals.


Tailoring for Success: Specification Gathering and Personas


Key to our approach is Specification Gathering, where we tailor your content and strategies to fit your unique needs. Coupled with this, we focus on defining clear Outcomes & Results that your clients will achieve and learn. The creation of detailed Personas ensures that your course resonates perfectly with your target audience. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about crafting an experience that avoids burnout and fulfills your participants' expectations, laying the groundwork for a transformative learning journey.

⇒ Journey Map


Journey Map Process: Crafting User-Centric Experiences


Begin the next critical phase of your course development with our Journey Map process. Here, the focus is on creating a user-centric course experience, where the flow and progression of learning are key. We prioritize accessibility and usability right from the start, ensuring that your course is not only learner-friendly but also designed with the latest insights from data analytics.


Shaping the Course: Analytics, Tech, and Structure


As we develop your course, integrating analytics insights is a continuous process, not just a final touch. This phase is about setting clear expectations and strategically shaping technology elements and course structure. You will receive tools like a Learning Experience Map, meticulously aligning your content for a seamless and engaging learning journey. Our approach guarantees a well-defined vision for your course’s structure and delivery, paving the way for impactful and meaningful learning outcomes.

⇒ Content


Content Design & Refinement: Storyboards and Protocols


Immerse yourself in the final yet crucial phase of course design, focusing on developing compelling content storyboards, messages, and stories. This stage is where your course begins to take life, with each element crafted to resonate with your audience. We work closely to design social prototypes, allowing you to test and gauge audience response before fully committing to the creation of course assets.


Finalizing the Course: Prototypes, Products, and Precision


The creation of social prototypes serves as a prelude to the actual course assets, providing valuable insights and feedback. Following this, we move to the development of learning products – the tangible elements of your course. This step ensures that all design elements are in place, ready for you to build and create the final learning products.


Throughout this process, we continue to refine the tech and course structures, ensuring they align with the strategic engagement plans and expectations set earlier. This phase acts as the final checkpoint, meticulously ensuring every detail is accounted for and every aspect of your course is polished to perfection. It's the culmination of our collaborative journey, crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's to create a course experience that is not only engaging but also strategically sound and impactful.

⇒ Misc. Checklist


Navigating Complex Course Paths: Ideation to Creation


In the diverse landscape of course development, from initial ideation to final creation, our Miscellaneous Checklist provides a tailored approach. We understand the intricacies involved in developing a course and offer a solution that adapts to the multifaceted needs of your project.


Custom Focus for Comprehensive Success


This checklist is designed to precisely target areas requiring attention across all stages of your course journey. By closely working with you, we identify and prioritize key elements in the development process, ensuring that no detail is missed. Our aim is to guide your course to its fullest potential, covering all bases from conception to completion.

The Process

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Secure Your Day

Choose a day from the calendar below that aligns with your schedule, keeping in mind the prep-work you need to complete. Fill out the intake form and submit your deposit to secure your spot.

Step 2


Right after booking, check your inbox for an onboarding email. It includes essential forms and your Pre-Intensive Workbook, to be completed before our strategy call. You'll also find a scheduling link for our session.

Step 3

Strategy Call

During the pre-intensive strategy call, we'll dive into your course vision, strategize the course experience, and review all the resources you've assembled. We’ll both leave the call with a clear to-do list to prepare.

Step 4

VIP CED Intensive

On your chosen day, I'll immerse myself in your project. We'll maintain open communication through a messaging app (Slack!) as we collaborate on your priority list.

Step 5


My aim is to achieve 90% completion of the project on the intensive day. Afterward, we'll review with fresh eyes, compile a final list of revisions (1 hour), and conduct a final quality assurance check.

Step 6

Progress Check-In

Reconvene in a 30-minute session after 2-3 weeks to fine-tune your course's development. It's quick to schedule and part of your package.


Intensives are all about efficiency. I've honed my skills and developed a streamlined system to ensure we achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. However, it's crucial to remember that the outcome relies heavily on you, the client. Having all the necessary pre-work completed before the intensive begins and being readily available for quick feedback during the intensive greatly contributes to our success. Your active involvement makes all the difference!

Gratitude Spotlight:
Celebrating Ginger's AI Journey!

Ginger’s journey into the world of AI has been nothing short of remarkable. As she shared, “And she could talk to Chat GBT and tell it how to learn me, Ginger, and give me information back that is on brand for my resources. So she was spot on and able to talk to AI like it’s a person.”

Her unique ability to communicate with AI in such a personalized and effective manner is awe-inspiring. She effortlessly harnesses the power of AI tools like ChatGPT, even referring to AI as “him,” and the dynamic between them is like a fascinating conversation.

Ginger’s testimonial beautifully captures her experience: “I have a structure, I have a framework, and I have a way of talking to AI to get what I finally need out of it.”

If you're uncertain whether a VIP Full-Day Course Design Intensive is the perfect solution for your needs, don't hesitate to schedule a Discovery Call with me. Together we can delve into your goals and determine if it's the right fit for you.

VIP Full-Day Course Design Intensive

Unleash the full potential of your course or program with our exclusive VIP Full-Day Course Design Intensive. This full-day immersive experience is tailored entirely to you and your course design project, providing you with the essential tools and guidance to craft an exceptional learning journey.

What's Included:

(Spots are Limited – Typically booking 2-4 weeks in advance)

My Course Crafting Story:
From Clarity to Engagement

Embark on a journey from fragmented courses to captivating learning experiences — my vision is to design pathways that inspire as much as they inform. Rooted in a legacy that entwines innovation with practical wisdom, I, Sarah J. Huibregtse, PhD, have channeled over two decades into mastering the art and science of course experience design.

At Hubrex Designs & Café, we go beyond constructing courses; we’re about creating transformative experiences that provoke thought and encourage active participation. My military background has endowed me with a strategic acumen, turning every course into a navigated discovery of knowledge.

Having experienced the pitfalls of disconnected learning myself, I’m driven to assist you in developing experiences that not only connect but also resonate and support the learner’s journey. By fusing tried-and-true methodologies with the pulse of today’s digital landscape, we’ll co-create a learning adventure that lights up your audience’s path.

Welcome to a place where your vision for impactful learning becomes a lively reality — welcome to the collaborative energy of Hubrex Designs & Café.

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse
Founder at Hubrex Designs & Café

Fractional Chief Learning Officer &
Learning Architect

Let's Begin Crafting Your Course Design Package!

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 - Do You Write the Course Content?

No, I do not provide course content writing services. My expertise lies in design. However, if your project involves content writing, we can discuss it during our strategy call. I'm willing to lend my expertise in instructional design to review and offer incremental feedback to enhance your content.This may require add-ons to the VIP CED Intensive option to accommodate the iterative process and deliver exceptional results.

02 - What Can Be Achieved in a Day?

Great question! The scope of our work during the VIP CED Intensive day depends on your current stage, whether it's ideation, design, or creation. During the Pre-Intensive Strategy Call, we'll define your project's goals and deliverables to match your current position. With my extensive experience in online course design, I'll provide a realistic assessment of what we can accomplish in a day, concentrating on your specific needs. If you'd like to explore your project further, don't hesitate to reach out at or book a Discovery Call.

03 - Can I Pay in Two Installments?

Certainly! We offer the convenience of a 50/50 payment option. You can reserve your slot with an initial deposit of 50%, and the remaining 50% will be due within 24 hours of your scheduled day. This flexible payment plan makes it easier for you to get started on your VIP Course Experience Design Intensive.

04 - Do I Need to Be Available During the VIP CED Intensive Day?

Absolutely! Collaboration is key to the success of this process. Your active participation and timely feedback are crucial as I design your VIP CED Intensive day. To ensure the smooth flow of our collaboration, I kindly request that you provide responses by 10 am Eastern the next day. We'll keep our Slack channel open between 10 am and 3 pm Eastern during the Intensive Day to facilitate communication.

Please keep in mind that it's best to choose a date(s) that doesn't overlap with numerous meetings and appointments. If you're having difficulty finding a suitable time on your schedule, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to accommodate your needs! 😊

05 - Do I Need More Than One Intensive Day?

If you have a course project that requires attention across multiple stages, such as Ideation, Design, and Creation, we recommend booking individual days tailored to the scope of each stage. This approach ensures that we can give focused attention to each aspect of your project. Please don't hesitate to reach out or book a Discovery Call to discuss your specific course needs. We're here to customize our Intensives to suit your unique requirements.

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