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Ready to Scale? Need high-level expertise to elevate your course portfolio?

Elevate Your Courses with a Fractional Chief Learning Architect Perspective.

In the dynamic world of course creation, the right expertise can set you apart. As your dedicated Fractional Chief Learning Architect, I offer the strategic acumen of a seasoned CLA with the tailored flexibility of a fractional executive. Whether you’re embarking on a fresh course creation journey or fine-tuning an existing curriculum, I’m here to provide nuanced guidance precisely when you need it.

But strategy is only half the story.

My experience as a Learning Engineer ensures that every grand vision is met with meticulous execution. I delve deep into the intricacies of course creation, transforming strategic blueprints into tangible, impactful learning experiences. From conceptualizing the broader course narrative to optimizing individual learning modules, I ensure seamless alignment and integration.

With this dual expertise, I bring a holistic touch to course development: envisioning the grand landscape while perfecting every minute detail.

Engage with me as your Fractional Chief Learning Architect, and let’s collaboratively elevate the caliber of your course offerings, ensuring they resonate deeply and effectively with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fractional Chief Learning Architect is a unique blend of strategic leadership and hands-on course design expertise. While the “fractional” part signifies offering top-tier services on an as-needed basis, the “architect” suggests a comprehensive approach to building robust courses. An fCLA provides the insights of a seasoned Chief Learning Officer combined with the technical precision of a Learning Engineer, ensuring that courses are both conceptually strong and seamlessly executed.

An fCLA guides the course creation process from a holistic perspective. From understanding your vision and goals to translating them into a detailed course blueprint, the role encompasses both strategy and execution. This involves envisioning overarching program strategies, diving deep into the intricacies of individual course modules, and optimizing them for maximum impact and learner engagement. The fCLA ensures that every course resonates deeply with the intended audience, making every learning experience memorable and effective.

Consider partnering with an fCLA when:

  • You’re launching a new course and need strategic guidance to ensure it stands out.
  • Existing course offerings require optimization or a fresh perspective.
  • You’re expanding from individual courses to a comprehensive program.
  • Technical challenges or gaps in course design are hindering your growth.
  • You’re looking for a holistic approach to elevate your entire course portfolio.


An fCLA offers expertise precisely when you need it, providing flexibility and ensuring that your courses consistently hit the mark.

An fCLA brings a dual advantage: big-picture vision and detail-oriented execution. With this dual expertise, courses are not only strategically aligned with your brand and objectives but are also meticulously designed for an optimal learner experience. Engaging with an fCLA means ensuring that every course module, interaction, and learning asset is crafted with precision, resonating with your audience and setting you apart in the competitive landscape of niche expertise.

Opting for a Fractional Chief Learning Architect (fCLA) offers niche experts the expertise of a seasoned professional, but tailored to the specific, fluctuating needs of their course offerings. The “fractional” nature means you gain access to top-tier expertise without the long-term commitment or overhead of a full-time position. This flexibility allows for adapting to project-specific requirements, seasonal demands, or shifting course strategies, ensuring you have expert support when it’s most critical, without being tied down during quieter periods.

Revamping your course with my guidance can lead to a range of measurable benefits, including higher student satisfaction and retention, increased enrollment and completion rates, lower refund rates, more impactful learning outcomes, smoother workflows, and greater scalability. You’ll see real improvements in engagement, results, efficiency, and bottom line performance. I’ll ensure the solutions we implement together directly address your current pain points and opportunities.

I utilize targeted research and needs assessment to pinpoint any gaps or issues impacting your course’s performance and potential. This can include examining your current course analytics, reviewing student feedback, understanding your business goals, evaluating your tech stack, and identifying where enhancements are needed to align with industry best practices. My goal is gaining a comprehensive view of your course’s health.

I leverage observable metrics and data to continually evaluate the impact of my recommended optimizations over time. This allows us to track tangible improvements and demonstrate the value being added. I also gather direct feedback from you and your students to assess subjective measures like engagement and satisfaction. Evaluation is critical for refining my approach to ensure it achieves your goals. I’m committed to honest, transparent assessment focused on your success.

I stay immersed in the Social MEDIA Ecosystem by continually creating and optimizing my own online courses and offerings. This allows me to directly experience the latest tools, technologies, and strategies. 

I’m dedicated to expanding my knowledge by reading industry publications, attending conferences, connecting with experts, and testing new innovations. This enables me to incorporate cutting-edge best practices into the solutions I recommend for elevating your course and staying competitive. 

As your Fractional CLA, I commit to bringing an innovative mindset focused on revitalizing your course with fresh ideas.

fCLA Consulting Services

Whether launching a new course or reviving an existing one, creators are empowered to develop high-performing courses that attract perfect clients through:

With expertise, community, and belief in your potential, together we will bring your courses vision to life or return it to peak performance.

How are Fractional CLA Engagements Scoped and Priced?

Fractional CLA services are priced based on the customized scope required to meet each client’s strategic goals. Pricing is determined by factors like:

Rates range from $150-$500/hr for fractional consulting. The overall cost depends on the efficiency and fit of the Fractional CLA. An experienced fCLA will right-size the engagement to address your priorities, not overprescribe services.

I take a consultative approach to assess your needs and align the optimal blend of strategy, content expertise, and execution support. My goal is to amplify your impact as efficiently as possible. Let’s discuss how a tailored fCLA engagement can scale your learning programs.

In addition to hourly consulting, I offer immersive 3 and 6 month programs for businesses seeking deeper strategic alignment. These individualized or cohort-based engagements allow for collaborative planning and implementation of high-impact initiatives across your learning programs and social MEDIA Ecosystem.

My program packages provide structure for you and your team to regularly engage with me and other course creators to bring new offerings to life, optimize existing content, and scale impact over time. Let’s explore how a multi-month engagement can accelerate your strategic goals.

Let's Start a Strategic Conversation

At Hubrex Designs & Café, relationships are built on communication. I’m eager to learn more about your goals and challenges to explore how fractional learning leadership can help you scale impact.

If you’re interested in elevating your learning programs but unsure where to begin, let’s have a conversation. I offer a complimentary 1-hour strategy consultation to assess your needs and align on the right path forward.

Whether you have questions about fCLA services, pricing, or want to brainstorm new initiatives, I’m here to help catalyze growth. Let’s discuss how we can optimize your learning ecosystem to maximize value now and in the future.