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As a seasoned Fractional Chief Learning Officer (fCLO), I specialize in transforming DTC brands with meticulously crafted course experiences, bringing unparalleled value to your journey:

  • D2C Course Experience Aficionado: Tailoring exceptional experiences for mission-driven brands, ensuring impactful delivery.
  • Full-stack Strategist: Focusing on user-friendly content and meaningful outcomes, designed to captivate and succeed.
  • Optimization Enthusiast: Dedicated to enhancing your offerings, scaling impact, and optimizing touchpoints.
  • Digital Learning Maestro: An expert in course design, performance analysis, and instructional architecture, driving innovation and engagement.
  • Champion of Your Time: Committed to liberating you to focus on what you do best while I handle the course intricacies.
  • Architect of Satisfaction: Ensuring participant engagement and stellar results through impactful strategies and efficient workflows.
  • Believer in Exceptional Journeys: Committed to creating immersive, impactful, and memorable course experiences.

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Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café | Fractional Chief Learning Officer [fCLO] 

Core Specializations: Performance Analysis & Course Experience Architecture

Unlock Clarity, Amplify Results

Break Free from Guesswork

If you’re tired of the “spaghetti-at-the-wall” approach and crave clarity on what truly drives results, it’s time for a strategic pivot. Let’s identify and amplify what works and refine the rest for optimal performance.

Strategize and Streamline Team Efforts

Is your team overwhelmed, trying to juggle it all without clear direction? It’s time for focused excellence. Elevate your strategy and execution with a streamlined approach that turns collective effort into collective triumph.

Overcome Growth Stagnation

Feeling stuck at a growth ceiling? See the untapped potential in your course or program? With expert planning and guidance, we’ll break through barriers and ascend to new heights.

Instill Leadership and Direction

Your program team doesn’t just need tasks; they need vision. Step up the game with executive-level direction and mentorship from a Fractional CLO seasoned in crafting compelling online experiences.

Maximize Your ROI

Invested time and resources should yield impressive returns. If your course or program isn’t living up to its potential, let’s recalibrate and transform your efforts into measurable success.

Informed Decisions, Better Strategies

Move away from gut-instinct decisions. Embrace a data-driven approach that informs and enhances every strategic move, ensuring your choices are backed by solid insights.

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Strategic Leadership Tailored for Your Needs

Access the expertise of an executive-level leader without the full-time commitment. The Fractional CLO model provides strategic insight and leadership tailored to your needs, whether you’re a growing brand or an established company looking to innovate. This flexible solution scales to fit your unique requirements and budget. 

Interested in transforming your course or program with a Fractional CLO? Let’s discover what’s possible together.

Elevate Your Course with Fractional CLO Expertise

For startups and growing businesses, impactful courses are key to resonating with your audience. As a Fractional CLO, I offer strategic vision and expertise to enhance your courses, whether you’re starting anew or revitalizing existing content. Together, we’ll:

  • Understand Your Audience: Dive deep into your audience’s needs, ensuring your course fully resonates and engages.
  • Craft Engagement Strategies: Develop innovative and practical ways to captivate participants, encouraging their continued involvement.
  • Design Tailored Solutions: Align your course with your unique goals, crafting a tailored path to success.
  • Implement Data-Driven Improvements: Utilize analytics and feedback to identify and act on enhancement opportunities.
  • Ensure Accessibility & Usability: Apply best practices to make your course accessible and enjoyable for all participants.
  • Optimize Technology: Choose platforms and tools that enhance interaction and outcomes, not just scale.
  • Foster Continuous Evolution: Adapt and grow with ongoing insights, ensuring your course consistently exceeds expectations.

Whether launching, expanding, or seeking new directions, my Fractional CLO services are designed to provide the fresh perspective and dedicated support your course deserves.

Let’s discuss how we can transform your vision into an exceptional journey during a clarity call.

Why I'm a Different Kind of Partner

Invested in Your Success:

Elevating Your Courses:

Your Vision, My Mission:

More than a consultant, I see your success as my own. I’m committed to delivering results that matter, ensuring every course resonates with your participants.

From strategic foresight to the finest details, I transform your content from standard to standout, always with the GOLD Standard in sight.

I’m constantly inspired by your goals, thinking beyond the conventional to find innovative ways to help you succeed.

Together, we’ll achieve greatness.

Envision Excellence, Deliver Distinction

Strategic Vision, Exceptional Experience: 

  • I design premier course experiences driven by your goals for participant success. At Hubrex Designs & Café, it’s about crafting journeys that mirror your high standards and vision.

Boutique Expertise for Ambitious Brands:

  • As a specialized firm, I offer Fractional CLO and custom course design services to dynamic DTC brands. I’m dedicated to creating standout experiences for your course participants, ensuring quality in every interaction.

Global Reach, Personal Touch:

  • Based in the Cleveland Ohio Area, my expertise extends worldwide, adapting to your unique needs and vision. Discover how your courses can achieve excellence and foster growth.

Gratitude Spotlight:
Celebrating Ginger's AI Journey!

Ginger’s journey into the world of AI has been nothing short of remarkable. As she shared, “And she could talk to ChatGPT and tell it how to learn me, Ginger, and give me information back that is on brand for my resources. So she was spot on and able to talk to AI like it’s a person.”

Her unique ability to communicate with AI in such a personalized and effective manner is awe-inspiring. She effortlessly harnesses the power of AI tools like ChatGPT, even referring to AI as “him,” and the dynamic between them is like a fascinating conversation.

Ginger’s testimonial beautifully captures her experience: “I have a structure, I have a framework, and I have a way of talking to AI to get what I finally need out of it.”

Let's Explore Possibilities Together

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Personalized Strategy:

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Fractional CLO, my role is to elevate your online course into a pinnacle of excellence. I dive deep into the strategic planning, innovative design, and performance analysis to ensure every element of your course aligns with the highest standards of quality and engagement.

From the initial course blueprint to the continuous updates and improvements, I bring a wealth of expertise to every phase, ensuring that the content is not just current but ahead of the curve.

I employ a holistic approach, integrating the latest industry trends, technological tools, and participant feedback to create an immersive and dynamic learning experience. By focusing on personalized learning paths, interactive content, and community building, I ensure that the course experience is not just informative but transformative, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.

Ultimately, my role as a Fractional CLO is to ensure that your course isn’t just a learning platform but a distinguished journey that sets your brand apart as a leader in the field.

As a Fractional CLO, I infuse your course with the strategic vision and expertise typically reserved for executive roles, offering flexibility and customization in alignment with your specific needs. I specialize in transforming your course into a continuous gold standard journey, starting from the moment participants engage with your content.

My approach involves meticulously crafting each aspect of the course experience, ensuring every module, interaction, and piece of content reflects the highest quality and relevance. By focusing on strategic planning, innovative engagement techniques, and ongoing optimization, I ensure that the course experience and delivery are not just informative but transformative.

From rolling out the red carpet at the welcome stage to celebrating participants’ achievements, I’m committed to maintaining an exceptional standard of service and satisfaction throughout the entire learning journey. Ultimately, my role is to ensure that your course stands out as a premier offering, driving increased engagement, satisfaction, and results, thereby elevating your brand in the marketplace.

I conduct comprehensive performance analysis and audit, including analyzing current participant feedback, reviewing performance data, and understanding your course and business objectives. My approach ensures we pinpoint precise areas for enhancement, creating a tailored strategy to transform your course into a standout experience that delivers.

Anticipate a surge in participant satisfaction, heightened engagement, and superior outcomes. A gold standard course experience goes beyond the initial welcome; it’s a continuous commitment to excellence. From the moment new participants join until we’re celebrating their achievements, they’ll feel the red-carpet treatment every step of the way. Elevate your brand with a course that not only attracts but also profoundly retains and satisfies participants, driving impactful results and distinguishing your offering in the market.

Engaging with a Fractional CLO brings executive-level expertise without the commitment of a full-time position. I offer an objective, strategic perspective to help you scale, innovate, and refine your course offerings, ensuring they deliver exceptional value and impact.

Bringing in an external fCLO offers a fresh, objective viewpoint that’s invaluable from the start and throughout our partnership. I’ll help you see opportunities and challenges from a new angle, ensuring that every decision is made with clarity and insight. 

This perspective prevents blind spots and introduces innovative strategies that you might not have considered, enhancing the overall quality and impact of your course. By collaborating, we ensure your course stands out, remains relevant, and consistently exceeds participant expectations.

Consider partnering when you’re looking to launch a new course, elevate an existing program, expand your offerings, or seek to transform your participant’s learning journey. I’ll provide the strategic insight and design expertise to ensure your course stands out and delivers unparalleled results.

I employ a combination of data-driven metrics and participant feedback to assess the impact of changes. Continuous evaluation and adaptation are key to maintaining the gold standard and ensuring your course remains a dynamic, engaging experience that consistently delivers.

I’m deeply immersed in the latest trends, tools, and strategies in course experience design. Regularly updating my skills and knowledge through industry research, networking, and hands-on experience ensures I bring the most innovative, effective solutions to your course.

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